LSE Course Level Surveys

Further information for staff

For information and step-by-step guidance on how to navigate the Engagement Portal and conduct the surveys online, please have a look at the Course Level Online Surveys Guidance document and FAQs.

If you require any further information on how to conduct the course level online surveys, please contact TQARO (

Survey period

The survey should take place in class during weeks 8 and 10 of the relevant term by the teacher concerned if they teach in those weeks.


Results for individual teachers usually become available immediately after students have completed the online survey via the Engagement Portal.  

Results, excluding qualitative comments are also forwarded to the Head of Department, Director of the Teaching and Learning Centre, and Pro-Director (Education). Course evaluation results for class teachers are returned to Course Convenors (upon request), Programme Directors, and to relevant HoDs where the course is compulsory for a programme but taught outside their department. Course scores are also considered by the Academic and Student AffairsCommittee.

Further details and who receives results when can be found on the survey results page.

For results from years not listed above, please contact Tqarosurveys.


What questions are asked in the surveys?

We use two different questionnaires:

The Class/Seminar Teaching and Course survey (PDF) is a questionnaire that invites feedback about the individual class/seminar teacher and about satisfaction with the course as a whole.  

The Lecture survey (PDF) is a questionnaire requesting feedback about the individual lecturer and their teaching.