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Did you know that as an undergraduate or a postgraduate you can spend some time abroad as part of your degree? LSE is committed to producing global citizens and providing students with opportunities to enhance their degrees. Learn how these alumni spent some time abroad and get inspired by their experience. 

Molly Avery 747x420

Molly Avery, PhD student in International History visited Berkeley 

'It was truly inspiring to be in an academic environment where so many people engaged so constructively with my work. I was made to feel incredibly welcome among the community of Latin Americanists (and historians of the Cold War more generally) within the department and I relished the opportunity to discuss my ideas with so many like-minded colleagues.If you’re unsure about uprooting yourself and spending three months somewhere you’ve never been, then just do it. My experience in Berkeley was so much richer than I could ever have imagined and it will be invaluable going forwards with my research.'

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Fadi Esber, PhD student in International History spent three months in Paris

'The Partnerships PhD Mobility Scheme allowed me to couple my research work in Paris with a placement at Sciences Po, a leading academic institution, which meant that in addition to carrying out the main tasks of archival research, I had access to the school's library resources and rich student life, but most importantly academic guidance. For me, it opened new avenues of thinking about different topics, not just those directly relating to my doctoral research.'

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Yan Wang PKU 16_9

Yan Wang, PhD student in Sociology visited Beijing

'My dissertation focuses on China and one chapter of my project required some fieldwork. Visiting the PKU in Beijing helped me to assess the resources and networks for planning and conduct interviews and surveys. I also had brilliant and vigorous conversations with local scholars. Visiting other places always give you fresh views on your life and your work, so my visit was full of (good) suprises and shocks!'

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Marta Cal 800x450Marta Kolzieska, BSc in Social Anthropology spent a full academic year in California 

'Having been able to explore social sciences further; including medical anthropology, public policy, ethnic studies, offered an entirely different perspective. There are many initiatives enabling students to get involved in research opportunities. I had a chance to work on research and research evaluation on one-to-one basis with a UCB sociology professor. One of the most memorable trips was one to Yosemite with a group of students from I-House. We all stayed in a cabin and set off for one of the most breath taking hiking trips I have ever had. 

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