Research excellence framework strategy committee (REFSC)

The REFSC reports to Academic Board through Research Committee.

Schedule of meetings

Thursday 26 October 2023, 10.00-11.30am (in person)

Thursday 8 February 2024,  10.00-11.30am (online)

Monday 20 May 2024, 2.00-3.30pm (online)


 Member NameAcademic Unit Member Until 
Professor Susana Mourato (Chair) 
Vice President and Pro-Vice Chancellor (Research) ex-officio 
Professor Dimitri Vayanos Department of Finance  31.08.2024
Professor Jonathan White European Institute  31.08.2024
Professor Irini Moustaki  Department of Statistics  31.08.2024
Professor Sumi Madhok Department of Gender Studies   31.08.2024
Professor Elizabeth Stokoe Department of Psychological and Behavioural Science  31.08.2026
Professor Robin Mansell Department of Media & Communications  31.08.2026
Professor Chris Minns Department of Economic History  31.08.2024

Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference

The Research Excellence Framework Strategy Committee (REFSC) is responsible for overseeing the School’s preparations for, and submission to, the Research Excellence Framework (REF). In particular, it aims to optimise the submission that the School makes to the REF.

In pursuance of its aims, the REFSC has the following rights and responsibilities:

(i) To maximise the benefit of the REF to the School.

(ii) To make the final decision on the content of the submission that the School makes to the REF.

(iii) To make financial decisions when allocating funds for targeted assistance (e.g. extension of sabbatical leave/teaching assistance), providing assistance for external reviews of research outputs and supporting the production of high quality impact case studies.

(iv) To make strategic decisions when assigning members of staff to particular units of assessment and on the compilation of the portfolio of outputs to the Research Excellence Framework, consistent with the REF rules, to maximise the benefit of the REF to the School and aim for a broad and balanced submission.

(v) To ensure that information relevant to the exercise is disseminated to academic and research staff.

(vi) To request information that will identify strengths and weaknesses in the submission and having identified weaknesses to provide solutions to improve the School’s submission in the areas identified.

(vii) To seek guidance from relevant individuals/institutions to ensure that the committee remains informed – to the best of its ability – of REF guidance, criteria and initiatives.

(viii) To oversee and guide the School’s submission of data to the funding bodies, which will involve interaction with relevant professional services divisions at the School.

(ix) To develop and approve the REF Code of Practice in consultation with relevant committees, groups and individuals, in line with the requirements of the funding bodies and ensure REF planning is undertaken according to this Code.

(x) To comply with all equal opportunities legislation in its decision making capacity and to operate under the terms of the School’s EDI Policy for the preparation of the REF 2021 submission at all times.

(xi) To comply with the School’s Ethics Code and the Committee Effective Behaviour Statement.

 Mode of Operation

The REFSC is a working group of Research Committee. It reports to Academic Board via Research Committee.

The Committee meets at least twice per term.

Committee members are appointed by the Chair using the established School groupings. Appointed members will usually be expected to remain on the Committee until after the submission deadline.