Fees and payment

Fees and payment information

Our fees are set at different rates for babies, toddlers and children over three. This reflects the different costs of caring for different age groups. Parents who are staff, students or alumni of LSE receive a discount for all children. Non-LSE parents don't receive a discount for the first child, but any sibling of a non-LSE child already in the Nursery receives a 10% discount as well as joint first call on available places (siblings of LSE children don't receive a discount as they already benefit from a more generous rate).

The 10% discount for non-LSE siblings applies to the lower or lowest fee paid. 

Monthly and daily fees are set out below. We are also happy to provide regular morning-only or afternoons-only care, at 50% of the monthly rate.

For regular users, fees are payable monthly in advance. If paying by cheque, please write the invoice number on the back. We are afraid that we cannot offer refunds for sickness, holiday or other absence during any week the Nursery is open. If you wish to take your child out of the Nursery, we ask for written notice to the manager at least four weeks beforehand.

We ask regular users to place their child with us for a first settling-in week: the Monday and Tuesday 10:00-11:30 (Parents stay with child), Wednesday 10:00-12:30  (without parent ) On Thursday- 10:00-3:00 and Friday 10.00- 4.00.  The week is charged for at the rate of two full days. 

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Nursery fees for 2018/19 

The rates below already take account of nursery closure days. Rates valid from 1 August 2019.


Under 2's years 

Daily Fees 

Number Days charged 2019/20 

Fees per calendar month 

Internal rate to staff, students and alumni




Children of parents unconnected to LSE




 2 to 3 Years

Daily Fees 


Fees per Calendar Month 

Internal rate to staff, students and alumni




Children of parents unconnected to LSE




 3 Years and Over

Daily Fees 


Fees per Calendar Month 

Internal rate to staff, students and alumni




Children of parents unconnected to LSE





Our commitment to non-LSE parents 

We run a nursery primarily as a facility for LSE staff and students. However, we’d like to assure you, as a prospective non-LSE user, that once your child is in the LSE Nursery on a regular basis, you will never be asked to remove your child in order to free up a place for a child of an LSE parent. You may keep your child with us for as long as you are happy to do so.

Paying nursery fees online

The quickest way to pay is online. Once you have received your invoice, all you need is your account number on it (begins with 1-NU- ). Please click on the link to pay via our onlinr payment screen https://apps.lse.ac.uk/finance/fees/pay.html?service=sg


Once you have been offered a regular place at the Nursery, we ask for a deposit equivalent to one month's fee. This deposit is held on your account and will be either refunded to you when you decide to leave (if four weeks notice is given) or you could use this deposit as your last month's fee. See Deposit Payment.

If you accept a place and pay the deposit but then decide not to take up the place, we ask you to make that decision at least six weeks before the planned starting date, or you will forfeit your deposit.  


Student hardship 

Financial support is available from the LSE for student parents who are having difficulty in paying nursery fees.  For further details please click on a link below.

There are two funds available – a Student Union Fund and a Student Hardship Fund. Please contact the Financial Support Office on 020 7955 6609 or at financial-support@lse.ac.uk for further information of how to apply for either of these funds.

Childcare grant 

If you are a full-time student with dependent children, you may be entitled to a childcare grant from your local authority. The childcare grant is to help you pay for childcare costs while you are a full-time student. This will be means-tested; the amount you get will depend on your household income and your actual childcare costs. It is possible to receive up to 85% of actual childcare costs up to a limit of £155.24 a week. Your child must be in registered childcare, ie a centre registered with OFSTED (our Nursery of course is), and you do not have to repay this help. The Gov.uk website contains further information at Childcare grant www.gov.uk/childcare-grant.

Staff hardship 

Members of staff may be eligible to claim working families tax credit and/or children's tax credit.  Please call the Inland Revenue directly on 0845-302-1414 for further details or see HM Revenue & Customs Tax credits pages.

Salary sacrifice scheme 

Employees of the School may, if they wish, join a salary sacrifice scheme which enables fees to be paid direct from salary before deduction of income tax and NI contributions. Employees who decide to participate will be asked to sign a written amendment to their employment contract with their salary reduced by the equivalent cost of their nursery fees. The employee must be using the Nursery or must have a firm offer of a place before applying to participate in the scheme. The place may be part-time or full-time and all employees using the Nursery are eligible, provided that their contracted earnings are greater than the cost of their nursery fees and above income tax and NI contribution thresholds. Further details are available from Norbet Severin, Tel: 020-7955-7922.

Nursery education grant 

All parents whose children are 3-4 years old will be entitled to the nursery educational grant, which is received three times a years through the nursery's local government. The nursery applies for this grant on your behalf.