Introduction and mission

Mission, values, aims and objectives

Mission: To ensure that all stakeholders can have full confidence in the School's academic standards and quality assurance mechanisms.
Values: To work to the values of subsidiarity, transparency, innovation and participation. 
Aim 1: To manage professional, authoritative and proportionate quality assurance arrangements.
Objectives supporting Aim 1:
1.1 To advise the School on matters arising from the current national quality assurance agenda, and to keep the information on TQARO's website up to date.
1.2 To keep our collective knowledge of national quality assurance policies up to date. 
1.3 To run the School's programme of internal reviews to a high standard, and to look for ways to continuously improve the review procedures.
1.4 To advise the School on maintaining the accuracy of published information.
1.5 To manage the information Departments provide via the annual programme monitoring exercise for the School.
1.6 To manage the information about the School's portfolio of courses and programmes. 
1.7 To ensure that the student perspective informs the services provided by TQARO.
1.8 To promote TQARO's work effectively across the School.

Aim 2: To review the School's approach to quality assurance in light of QAA Higher Education Review (HER) outcomes.
Objectives supporting Aim 2:
2.1 To co-ordinate the implementation of QAA recommendations, as appropriate.
2.2 To keep the School's 'Strategy for managing academic standards and quality' under review.
2.3 To provide accurate and accessible published information in the School's Calendar for staff and students.
2.4 To deliver an accurate and efficient survey of student teaching satisfaction, and to provide useful and timely reports of the outcomes.

Aim 3: To service professionally those committees for which we are responsible and to contribute effectively to other School-wide processes.
Objectives supporting Aim 3:
3.1 To service professionally and effectively the Academic and Student Affairs Committee and its sub-committees: Graduate Studies Sub-committee and the Undergraduate Studies Sub-committee.
3.2 To initiate and contribute to policy discussions arising from these bodies.
3.3 To produce high quality committee papers on QA activity to inform School discussions