Academic Registrar's Division

Committed to improving the student experience and providing excellent customer service

We are responsible for the administrative processes supporting the student lifecycle services, from widening participation, student marketing and recruitment through to examination, graduation and post-graduation support.

What we do

  • We are an informed and inspiring voice to our prospective students; a welcoming and friendly face to our new students; a knowledgeable and caring presence to our current students; and a proud and supportive friend to our graduating students. To our colleagues across LSE we are a professional and constructive source of help, support and advice.

  • We use our professional expertise to deliver personalised engagement and administrative services to students, staff and other stakeholders.

  • We make effective, efficient use of the systems and resources available to enable a very wide range of stakeholder experiences.  At our best, we facilitate excellent individual student experiences, ensuring that students can access the full range of opportunities the School has to offer.

  • We provide expertise as the business process owners for core student-supporting regulations, policies, processes and systems, and are responsible for providing leadership to the School’s wider administrative community for their maintenance, application and development.

  • We strive to create a working environment for both ARD staff and colleagues around the School that promotes wellbeing and inclusivity.

  • To read Our Mission, Aims and Objectives in full download the PDF.

Organisational structure

ARD teams

Academic Registrar's Office

Mark Thomson, Academic Registrar

Remi Adeyemi, Executive Assistant 

Recruitment and Admissions

Widening Participation

Kirsty Wadsley, Head of Widening Participation 

Student Marketing and Recruitment

William Breare-Hall, Student Marketing and Recruitment Manager

Undergraduate and Graduate Admissions

Simon Beattie, Head of Admissions

Financial Support Office

Sue Plater, Financial Support Manager

Section Head:

Cath Baldwin, Director of Recruitment and Admissions

Student Services

Student Services (information for staff)

Advice Team

Dr Peter Evanson, School Senior Advocate for Students

Alena Eis, Advice Manager

Communications and Events Team

Katja Janus, Communications & Events Manager 

Registration Team and Operations Team

Sue Powell, Registration Manager

Visa Compliance and Change of Circumstance Team

Chiara Milani, Visa Compliance and Change of Circumstance Manager

International Student Visa Advice Team

Bethan Ovens, International Student Visa Advice Manager

Student Wellbeing Service

Adam Sandelson, Head of Student Wellbeing

Student Counselling Service

Paul Glynn, Counnselling Service Manager

Exams and Course Selection Team

Astrid Soiza, Examinations and Course Selection Manager 

Assessment Regulations Team

Martin Johnson, Assessment and Regulations Manager

Results Team

Camilia Davis, Results and Awards Manager

Faith Centre

Revd Canon Dr James Walters, Director and Chaplin 

Section Heads:

Martyn Annis, Head of Student Services

Michele Sahrle, Deputy Head of Student Services

Adam Sandelson, Head of Student Wellbeing Service 

Systems and Business Processes

ARD Systems

Andy Kaufman, Student Systems Manager 

Teaching Quality Assurance and Review Office

Tom Hewlett, Head of TQARO

Timetables Office

Linda Taylor, Timetables Manager

Section Head:

 Mike Page, Head of Enterprise CRM and SRS