Student Exams and SSC Support Team

We support the course selection process and run the main exam periods in January, May/June and August


Exams and Course Selection

What the team does

The Student Exams and SSC Support Team are responsible for exam and assessment delivery and course selection administration:

  • Run centrally scheduled (in-person) exams in January, May/June and August.
  • Produce the Exam Timetable
  • Administer Overseas Exams applications and arrangements
  • Support Central Exam Adjustments (CEAs) administration
  • Support the Course Selection process
  • We also house the SSC support team, coordinating staff across the SSC to meet cyclical business needs. 

Who is in the team

Marianna Wetz
Head of Student Exams Management and SSC Support

Stacey Kurn
Deputy Head of Student Exams Management and SSC Support

Fatima Jeetoo
Senior Administrator (Student Exams)

Alexander Mears
Senior Administrator (Student Exams)

Adeola Naphtal
Senior Administrator (Student Exams)

Elaine Hau
Senior Administrator (Student Exams)

Nazmin Begum
Senior Administrator (SSC Support)

Liz Li
Senior Administrator (SSC Support)

Katie Fung
Senior Administrator (SSC Support)

Camilla Delpech
Senior Administrator (SSC Support) 

How to contact the team

For Exams or Course Selection queries, please submit an enquiry.

Key Policies

Information for LSE Staff

For information relevant to LSE Staff including details about exams and SSC Key Dates visit our staff-facing pages.