Timetable publication information

2018-19 teaching timetable information

The Timetable Office is part of the Academic Registrar's Division (ARD). We are a team of four people who are responsible for scheduling teaching and allocating rooms for all of the School's undergraduate, masters and research taught teaching.

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Personal teaching timetables 

Individual student timetables are published from the Tuesday in Week 0 of Michaelmas Term. Please see below for further information.

For undergraduate, General Course and intercollegiate students

Individual student personal timetables will be published: 

  • Continuing students from Tuesday; 25th September 2018 

  • New students and general course from Friday; 28th September 2018

 View your personal timetable in LSE for You.

For your personal timetable to be generated you will need to have:

1) Selected your courses in LSE for You, including your compulsory courses

2) Registered or re-registered for the current academic year

3) Have no timetable clashes (please see here for information on resolving a timetable clashes)

For postgraduate students

Individual student personal timetables will be published: 

  • Diploma & Postgraduate students after 10am on Friday; 28th September 2018 

The Publication of your personal timetable is dependent on course enrolment and seminar sign up, which is controlled by the home department of the individual course.

  • For general questions regarding your programme, please contact your department
  • For questions regarding your course selections, please contact the home department of that course.

Viewing your timetable in the Student Hub

The Student Hub, LSE’s new app, allows you to view your timetable on your mobile, tablet and desktop!

When your personal timetable is published to LSE For You, your timetable will sync to your in-app calendar. Please note: updates to course selection on LSE For You can take up to 3 working days to appear on your timetable.

If you have any questions about the Student Hub, please get in touch with the Student Hub team using the feedback form available in-app on iOS, Android and desktop.

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