Frequently Asked Questions and Contact Information

Below are the most frequently asked questions asked by students to the Course Selection and Timetables teams. The sections below relate to three steps in the course selection process. Please read these carefully, and if your question is not answered please contact the relevant team.

1 - Find: Information on courses 

Where can I find information and advice to help me decide which courses to take?

Having a look at your programme regulations (divided into undergraduate and graduate programmes) is a good place to start, as it will tell you which courses are compulsory for your degree, and for which papers you might be able to choose optional courses.

Course Finder is an app that lets you browse available courses and search them by keyword, department, assessment type etc., which can be useful to explore courses that might be interesting for you.

If you want to find out more about particular courses, have a look at the undergraduate and graduate course guides, which introduce the course content and provide general information about the course, including teaching and assessment.

Your department will provide you with guidance about your course selection. Please make sure you attend any relevant meetings and read information they circulate. If you want further guidance on which courses to take, please get in touch with your academic department and Academic Mentor/Supervisor. 

How do I understand the information on the master timetable for 2019/20?

The timetable can be viewed by course code using the link found on the teaching timetable information page.

You can use the online timetable to view all of the teaching for every course that has term time teaching in the current academic year.

The Timetables viewed by course code, contains a list of departments and their abbreviated forms (table 1). In order to view the timetable for a course you will need to know the Course Code e.g. MA100.

To view the timetable of a particular course click on the department name at the bottom of the web page followed by the module code on the left hand side (Illustration 4). Here you will be able to view the day, time and week information and also teachers' names for the course you have selected.

The campus map will give you information on where different buildings are located and the abbreviations for each building.

Please note: There are many changes in the first few weeks of Michaelmas Term and students are advised to check the timetable daily for the first three weeks of term.

Why can’t I access Course Finder in LSE for You?

Course Finder is only available to LSE students who will be attending teaching this academic year. If you are a new student and have not yet completed all of your admissions paperwork (such as the Financial Undertaking Form or Confirmation of Conditions), this will prevent you from accessing the system. Course Finder is also not available to students on an interruption or unregistered students re-taking assessments. Course finder is available from September each year, but you will only be able to access it once you have been able to set up your LSE IT account. For current students, Course Finder is available from September each year until the end of the course selection period, if the deadline for course selection has now passed, you will not be able to use the app.

If this doesn’t apply and you are still experiencing problems with Course Finder, please get in touch with


 2 - Select: courses

How are places allocated on capped/controlled access courses?

Undergraduate: If a course is capped, this means that places on this course are limited. Places on these courses are allocated on a first come first served basis, and when the course is full, you will not be able to select it. Please see here for a list of capped courses for 2018/19. This list will be updated periodically if there are changes to the list of capped courses.

Postgraduate: If a course is controlled access, this means that applications to take the course need to be approved by the department offering the course. Some controlled access courses also have a limited number of places (a cap).  The application process can be used to check that the limited places are given to students who meet any prerequisites for the course, or to first allocate places to students for whom the course is compulsory. For information on selection criteria, please see here. If you are offered a place on a controlled access course, you must accept this offer within two days, otherwise it will automatically expire. 

Who should I contact with queries about capped/controlled access courses?

If you have any questions about a capped/controlled access course, please get in touch with the department that runs the course. 

The capped/controlled access course I want to take is full, can I still get a place?

Undergraduate: It is possible that a place on a capped course will become available during the course selection window if another student decides to change their selection. There are unfortunately no waiting lists for undergraduate course selection, so you are advised to keep checking LSE for You. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that you will get a place on a particular capped course.

Postgraduate: If you apply for a place on a controlled access course the academic department which runs the course may initially place you on a waiting list. If a place becomes available they may later send you an offer for a place. If you have any questions about this, please contact the department which teaches the course. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that you will get a place on a particular controlled access course.

Can I take a course which is outside my programme regulations?

Undergraduate: You can apply for outside options where programme regulations permit, though this is always subject to approval by your Academic Mentor and Departmental Tutor. When requesting to take an unlisted course, you will also be required to provide an explanation of the academic reasons why you want to take this particular course. Please note that taking outside options is also subject to availability and timetabling constraints.

Postgraduate: get in touch with your department for advice about whether a course outside your regulations is likely to be permitted. When selecting your courses you will be given the opportunity to enter a "supporting statement" in support of your course selections. You are strongly recommended to do so if your course selections fall outside the regulations for your programme.


3. Check: personal timetable

Where can I find my personal timetable?

Undergraduate: Personal timetables for undergraduate students (except Diploma / Intercollegiate students) will be available on LSE for You (LFY) by the end of September. This depends on students being registered for the current academic year, making their course choices in LFY and there being no clashing courses.

Please see the Timetable clash page for more information on timetable clashes.

To access your personal timetable, log on to LSE for You (LSE username and password required).

On the left hand slide, click 'Student Timetable' as shown here

Postgraduate: In order to view your personal timetable you need to have made your course choices on LSE for You (LFY). For information on making your course choices on LFY including deadlines, please refer to the link on course choice.

To access your personal timetable, log on to LSE for You. (LSE username and password required).

On the left hand slide, click 'Student Timetable' as shown here.

Why can’t I see my personal timetable in LSE for You?

Personal timetables are published by the end of September on LSE For You, and you need to be fully registered and have set up your IT account in order to see your timetable. If your timetable still does not show and you are an undergraduate student, it’s possible this is due to a timetable clash

Why are courses missing from my personal timetable in LSE for You?

Undergraduate: If courses are missing from your timetable, there are four possible reasons for this:

1. The most common reason for this is because there is a clash in your timetable, please see here for further information.

2.If the missing course is compulsory, please check that you have selected it during course selection – even if only one course is available for any given paper, you will still need to select it.

3. If you have only selected or changed courses recently, please note that it takes about 48 hours for changes to appear on your personal timetable. 

4. If your student tab is missing from LSE for You - then you have not registered for this academic year in LSE for You as a continuing student.

Postgraduate: Please contact the home department of the course you are missing. Course allocation is controlled by individual academic departments.

Can I change the class/seminar group I have been allocated to?

Undergraduate: You can request a class group change via LSE For You, but please note that this is at the discretion of the department running the course. You may need to provide evidence justifying the need to change classes, such as evidence of documented part-time work. What reasons for a class change a department will consider valid is at their discretion. If you have any questions about this, please get in touch with them directly. Please also note that any potential class group changes are also subject to availability. For further information, please see here

Postgraduate:  please get in touch with the department that teaches the course directly. 

Can I take two courses which have clashing teaching?

Undergraduate: In exceptional circumstances, you may be permitted to take clashing courses, this will need to be discussed with your Departmental Tutor. Please note that this can only apply to clashes between lectures, as classes are mandatory.

Postgraduate: get in touch with your department if you have questions about taking two courses which clash

Why are my compulsory courses not showing on my timetable?

This is probably because you have not selected your compulsory courses on LSE For You – even if only one course is shown as an option for a paper, you still need to select it to complete your course selection

Can I change courses after the deadline has passed?

There is a limited late course change window in Michaelmas Term until 5pm on 25 October:

Undergraduate: Complete a Late Course Change form, obtain the necessary approvals and submit it to the SSC before the 5pm deadline on 25 October. Please note that late or incomplete forms cannot be accepted.

Postgraduate: Late course change is administered via the departments only, please get in touch with them as soon as possible. Please note that late changes cannot be made after 25 October.

All students have the opportunity to make changes to Lent Term half units in week 1 and 2 of Lent Term. It is not possible to make changes to full units or Michaelmas Term half units during this period.

There is no late course change period in Lent Term and no changes can be made following the 31 January 2019 LT course change deadline. 

Where can I see the timetable, if I have not yet registered?

Until you register at LSE you will not have a username and password, until you have registered please use the following link to access info on lectures and seminars. Class information is not available using this link.

Lecture & Seminar Timetable Available from mid-August

Please note: Your email address is not your LSE username.

How will changes to my personal timetable be notified?

  • Changes will be updated immediately on students' personal timetables in LSE for You.
  • However the online timetable will be refreshed overnight and will not show last minute modifications.
  • Students will be sent an email notification. A door notice will be posted outside the room for last minute changes.

Can I export my personal timetable to a calendar ? 

You can sync your timetable with your personal calendar via the LSE Student Hub app, available to download from the App Store and Google Play store.

Go to the calendar feature in-app on your mobile, select the three-dots menu and follow the instructions on how to sync your calendar.

Still having trouble?

Use the in-app feedback option (you can find it in the menu) to get in touch with us. 

What are the academic terms and dates

Michaelmas Term (MT) - First term (September to December)

Lent Term (LT) - Second term (January to March)

Summer Term (ST) - Third term (April to June)

For more information on term dates and week numbers for 2019/20, please click here.

What are the different types of teaching?

For full details of the structure of each course please see the online Course Guide in the School's Calendar.

    • Lecture – Students should attend all lectures for each course.
    • Seminar – Seminars are a compulsory part of the teaching and learning experience and seminar attendance will be recorded for each session. The maximum seminar size is around 15 students. You only need to attend the meetings for the seminar group you are assigned to.
    • Class – Classes are a compulsory part of the teaching and learning experience and class attendance will be recorded for each session. The maximum class size is around 15 students. You only need to attend the meetings for the class group you are assigned to.
    • Workshop – These are similar to classes and seminars and are usually computer help sessions.

Which teaching rooms on campus have a name as well as a room number?

Most LSE rooms are known by their number, with the first three characters denoting what building they are in and the following character(s) denoting the floor of that building that they are on. For example CLM 2.02 is in 'CLM' building (Clement House) on the second floor, in room 02.

There are a few exceptions to this (rooms with names rather than numbers) that sometimes confuse people:

Old Building:

OT - Old Theatre 

Clement House:

CLM. G.02 - Hong Kong Theatre 

New Academic Building:

NABLG.01 - Wolfson Theatre 

NABLG.03 - Thai Theatre 

NABLG.08 - Sheikh Zayed Theatre 

NABLG.09 - Alumni Theatre 

Peacock Theatre:

PT - Peacock Theatre

Need some help?

When should I contact the Course Selection Team?

Contact the Course Selection Team if you are:

  • experiencing any problems with your course selection on LSE For You which aren’t answered by the FAQs above
  • have questions about undergraduate late course change
  • are returning from interruption.

We run daily Course Selection drop-in sessions to answer your course selection questions. During the busy start of term, this will usually be the quickest way to get any queries answered.

The drop-in takes place Monday-Friday 2-3pm in the Student Services Centre (Old Building, ground floor) until 14 October.

Alternatively, you can get in touch with us by submitting an enquiry.

When should I contact the Timetables Team?

Contact the Timetables Team if you are experiencing any problems with your personal timetable which isn’t answered by the FAQs above.

We run daily Timetable drop-in sessions (with the Course Selection Team) to answer your timetable questions. During the busy start of term, this will usually be the quickest way to get any queries answered.

The drop-in takes place Monday-Friday 2-3pm in the Student Services Centre (Old Building, ground floor) until 14 October.

Alternatively, you can get in touch with us at