Course Selection

Your degree programme comprises a number of courses, which are usually worth a half or a full unit. You will need to select all of your courses (whether compulsory or optional) using LSE for You.



If you follow a taught programme you are required to take a certain number of courses each year as prescribed by your programme regulations. For undergraduate and most taught postgraduate students, this is normally the equivalent of four full units per year, however you can check your specific programme regulations using the  LSE Calendar

Programme regulations for the new academic year will be available from September of that year. Programme regulations from previous years which are relevant to continuing students are displayed to them in the LSE for You course selection system.

Normally courses will consist of a lecture and a class or seminar group, but this varies depending on the course. Some courses offer practical sessions, group work, workshops, field work, etc.

1 - Find the courses you would like to take

LSE has a range of tools to help you find the courses that your programme regulations allow you to take.

Visit finding courses for more information about these tools.

Remember that, depending on your programme, it may advisable to have a few "back-up" courses in mind in case any of your preferred courses are already full.

2 - Select those courses on LSE for You


Visit selecting courses for comprehensive guidance about to select your courses, dependent on your level of study.

Course Selection Windows 2021/22

The Michaelmas Term course selection dates are:

  • Continuing undergraduates: Course selection for continuing students will open from 2pm on Wednesday 28 July 2021 until 5pm on Monday 4 October 2021.

  • New undergraduates (including General Course students and GO LSE students):  Course selection for new undergraduates (including General Course students and GO LSE students) will open at 10am on Tuesday 07 September 2021 until 5pm on Monday 4 October 2021

  • Postgraduates: Students will be able to browse (but not select) courses from 10am on Monday 13 September 2021. Course selection for postgraduate students will open at 10am on Monday 20 September 2021 until 5pm on Monday 4 October 2021.

  • There will be a break in course selection for all UG students from 5pm on Monday 20 September to 10am on Friday 24 September. Students will not be able to access LFY to make any course selection changes during this period.

21/22 academic year:

You will be able to make changes to Lent Term half units from 10am on Monday 17 January 2022 until 5pm on Friday 28 January 2022.

3 - Check your timetable and Moodle enrolments

During the course change windows

1. Personal timetables will be updated within the following timeframes:

  • Undergraduate: The timetable publication information is here. Your timetable will be updated within three working days of you making a change in LSE For You.

  • Postgraduate: dependent on the teaching department's procedures around course selection and seminar sign-up. For questions regarding your course selections, please contact the teaching department of that course directly.

2. You will automatically be given access to the relevant Moodle page for the courses you have selected on LSE For You in due course.


If you have any questions about the content of the course(s) you are considering, please contact the relevant teaching department(s).

If you have any questions about the course selection process, please contact the Student Services Centre via the online enquiry form.


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