Student Services Centre

We are a good first point of contact for most general queries. If we can't help you then we will know who can.


Visit the Student Services Centre (SSC) to access a range of services and advice, including admissions, registration, fees, financial support, immigration and visas, Erasmus, course selection, exams, results and graduation.

The Student Services Centre counter has now reopened with revised opening times and services. 

Phones will not be monitored during this time, but we are instead available daily on live chat (10am - 4pm).

General enquiries

People from across Student Services staff the Student Services Centre counter. We are there as your first point of contact for advice on a wide range of general enquiries.

You will be asked to present your LSE Card or another official form of photo ID (ie, passport or driver's license) when collecting documents or accessing services.

During Michaelmas Term 2020, the SSC is normally open Monday - Friday, 10am - 2pm. 

Occasionally we have to change our opening hours - any changes will be listed in red above and further below.

Services offered at the Student Services Centre

Please note that we may not be able to offer all services during the period of partial remote service delivery. This includes drop-ins and the production/collection of some hardcopy documentation. 

If you have a cheque to collect, please liaise with the Financial Support Office directly. 

  • Answering of general enquiries relating to a student's own record

  • Answering of basic enquiries from prospective applicants to LSE or signpost to Student Recruitment or the relevant admissions office

  • Production of Certificates of Registration (for opening a Bank Account, applying for Council Tax exemption, applying for a Schengen visa, etc) and Module Certificates

  • Collection of transcripts and other requested documents

  • Collection of student loan, scholarship and refund cheques

  • Collection of replacement LSE Cards which have been ordered online

  • Drop-in services for the Fees, Income and Credit Control Office, Financial Support Office, Graduate Admissions Offices and for the International Student Visa Advice Team (ISVAT). See below for more details.

  • Information about 18+ Student Oyster Photocards.  More information on what they are and how to apply can be found here.

All students must show their LSE card in order to collect a document or cheque.

Services we are unable to offer at the SSC counter

Unfortunately we are not able to help with the following queries:

  • Production of reference letters. These should normally be requested from your Academic Mentor or supervisor.
  • Advice on housing or council tax. Visit the Students' Union Advice and Support Service in the Saw Swee Hock Student Centre.
  • Certification of non-LSE documents. The Post Office provide certain identity-checking services.
  • We do not give out personal information about any of our students without written authorisation from the student themselves (as per the Data Protection Act 1998, see Data Protection).
  • Advice on the content of a complaint/academic appeal or on responding to an academic misconduct allegation. We provide information on School procedures, however you can contact the Students’ Union Advice Service for independent advice on how to put your case forward. The Students’ Union Advice Service provide additional advice on all LSE procedures and can help you make an informed choice about how to proceed.

Changes to Student Services Centre Opening Hours

Upcoming adjustments and closures will be listed here.

2020-21 Academic Year

The Student Services Centre counter will be open 11am - 2pm during Michaelmas Term. We will continue to review our opening hours. 

Some drop-ins are not available during Michaelmas Term. If you need to contact us please complete the online enquiry form.

Phones will not be monitored during this time, but we will instead be available on live chat (10am - 4pm).

Dropping off documents and surveys

Please note that this service will not be available for at least Michaelmas Term. We will continue to review.

If you are just dropping something off you do not need to wait in line:

  • Documents or forms to be submitted to the Student Services Centre These can be left in the Student Services Centre drop-box located along the wall with the pictures of Nobel Prize winners.
  • Documents, forms or fee payments (by cheque) to be submitted to the Fees Office These can be left in the fees drop-box also located along the wall with the pictures of Nobel Prize Winners. Look for the yellow signs. Please be sure to include a fees cover sheet (available next to the drop box) with all submissions.
  • Documents, forms to be submitted to the Financial Support Office These can be left in the Financial Support Office drop-box also located along the wall with the pictures of Nobel Prize Winners.
  • Student Satisfaction (Teaching) Surveys These can be left in the red box on the Student Services Centre Counter.

All drop boxes are emptied at least twice daily on weekdays.

Information about coronavirus

Information for students about the current coronavirus outbreak can be found here.