Extensions, Deferrals and Exceptional Circumstances

If you are likely to miss an assessment you should contact the Student Services Centre as soon as possible

There are three options available to you if you become unwell shortly in advance of an assessment deadline (which could include a scheduled exam), or on the day an assessment is due to be submitted or sat: 

1. You can request an extension to the original assessment deadline for coursework such as essays or project work.

Find out more about requesting an extension 

2. You can request to defer your assessment to the next academic year.

Find out more about deferring assessments 

3. You can notify the exam board of any exceptional circumstances if you attempted the assessment while unwell, or missed the assessment without receiving an approved deferral.

Find out more about submitting exceptional circumstances

For more advice visit What if ... I become unwell during exams?

In the case of all the above procedures you will be required to submit evidence in accordance with the standards of evidence. For further guidance of evidence requirements please consult the following document.