Disability and Wellbeing Service

We have experts in long term health conditions, physical disabilities, sensory impairments, mental health and specific learning difficulties. We can put in place Inclusion Plans and help with Individual Examination Adjustments.


What the team does

We are the central hub for all students who are disabled, have a  long-term medical contdition, have a mental health condition or have a specific learning difficulty (such as dyslexia or dyspraxia).

We support LSE in its commitment to enabling all students to achieve their full potential in an environment characterised by dignity and mutual respect. We aim to ensure that all individuals are treated equitably.

For Current Students

LSE is committed to making your time at the School as rewarding as possible.  LSE provides a range of services aimed at making sure that you can get everything you need to study effectively, live comfortably, and access the School's resources.

For Prospective Students

LSE is committed to equitable treatment for all students at every stage of their educational experience, including during the application process.  We can support and guide you in dealing with disability-related issues before you start your course of study. Read preparing my support at LSE for more information on what you need to do and how we can help you. 

Who is in the team


Adam Sandelson
Head of Student Wellbeing Services
disability-dyslexia@lse.ac.uk or 020 7955 7567

How to contact the team

  • In Person: at the Disability and Wellbeing Service on the third floor of Tower 2
  • By Email: disability-dyslexia@lse.ac.uk
  • By phone: 020 7955 7567

Key Policies and Procedures


The Student Wellbeing Service Confidentiality Policy (PDF) sets out how we will deal with the information that we hold in the Disability and Wellbeing Service. 

Policy on Disability

LSE's Policy on Disability (PDF) sets out how we aim to implement the requirements of current legislation.

Equality Statement

LSE's Equality Statement and the Single Equality Scheme set out how we, as an institution, will enhance our equality practices in both our role as an employer of choice and provider of education.