Student mental health and wellbeing

online staff training

Welcome to the interactive online training session for student mental health and wellbeing.

This new module will help you identify when a student might need support, know how best to listen and respond to a student, as well as how to arrange support and get urgent help in a serious situation. It also includes newly added information in relation to coronavirus.

Please choose either of the two training modules:

Enhanced Staff Training


A 30 – 45 minute module, with detailed training on recognising and responding to student concerns, as well as advice on confidentiality, signposting, crisis management and self-care. This is aimed at staff who may have significant contact with students.

Who should take this?

Staff in student-centred roles, such as

  • Academic Mentors
  • GTAs
  • Departmental and Programme Managers
  • Departmental Tutors
  • Wardens and Sub-Wardens
  • Student-facing staff in halls of residence
  • Other specialist staff in academic departments and divisions

Take the enhanced staff training

Basic Staff Training


A 15 – 20 minute module, promoting awareness about how to recognise and respond to student concerns, as well as giving advice on listening skills and signposting to other services. It includes a shortened guide to supporting students under the Cause for Concern protocol.

Who should take this?

The basic staff training module is designed for all other staff who may have little or occasional contact with students.

Take the basic staff training

Confidentiality and data protection

No personal data about you will be collected when you take the training. There is a form at the start to help us know the range of staff taking the training, but you will not be identifiable to anyone else outside of the Student Wellbeing Service. Please email us if you have any concerns about this.

Student Mental Health and Wellbeing Framework

This training module forms part of the new LSE Student Mental Health and Wellbeing Framework, launched by Dilly Fung, Pro-Director (Education), ahead of University Mental Health Day on 5 March 2020. 

The new Framework sets out the School commitment to making LSE a welcoming, inclusive and healthy place for all. Developed as part of LSE 2030, the Framework will continue to evolve and be inspired by the School community, running alongside the School's Staff Wellbeing activity.

There are three key elements within the Framework:

A - Academic culture and practice in support of mental health and wellbeing

B - Welcome and a sense of belonging in support of mental health and wellbeing

C - Promotion, prevention and provision directly supporting mental health and wellbeing

To find out more, please see the new website for the SMHW Framework.

Get more details about LSE Mental Health First Aid training.

Evaluation and further comments

We are keen to hear from you with any feedback on the online training, as well as any other comments about how we are supporting students as well as staff at LSE.

To comment on the online training, please fill out a short questionnaire.

Please also feel free to email us directly with further thoughts or suggestions at