LSE Class Teacher Awards

LSE Class Teacher Awards are given to Graduate Teaching Assistants, Teaching Fellows and Guest Teachers in recognition of their very special contribution to teaching at LSE. All our recipients from 2018 are listed below:

Recipients departments A-G


From the Department of Accounting:


Winners - Farooq Mahmood and Felix Vetter


From the Department of  Anthropology:

Highly Commended - Ivan Deschenaux and Megan Laws

Winner - Michael Edwards

From the Department of Economic History:

Highly Commended - Alka Raman and Thilo Albers

Winner - Karolina Hutkova

From the Department of  Economics:

Highly Commended - Wouter Leenders and Tiancheng Sun

Winners - Aleksander Kloda, Andrew Mitson, Celine Zipfel, Chen Qiu, Chiara Sotis, Clement Minaudier, Dita Eckardt, Kamila Nowakowicz and Miguel Bandiera Silva

From the European Institute:

Highly Commended - Auke Willems, Joseph Downing and Miriam Sorace

Winner - Mireia Borrell-Porta

From the Department of Finance:

Highly Commended - Karamfil Todorov, Marta Alonso, Mesut Tastan and Simona Risteska

Winners -  James Clark, Jojo Paul and Lukas Kremens

From the Department of Gender Studies:

Winners - Aiko Holvikivi, Aura Lehtonen, Emma Spruce, Jacob Breslow, Jacqueline Gibbs and Julia Hartviksen

From the Department of Geography and Environment:

Highly Commended - Andreas Diemar, Daniel Mills, Jordana Ramalho, Lutz Sager and Miranda Iossifidis

Winners - Allan Beltran-Hernandez and Meredith Whitten

From the Department of Government:

Highly Commended - Brian Klaas and Fabian Mushovel

Winners - David Axelsen and Kyriaki Gartzou Katsouyanni

Recipients departments H-L


From the Department of Health Policy:


Highly Commended – Gareth Hopkin


Winner - Matthew Skellern


From the Department of International Development:

Highly Commended - Geoffrey Swenson

Winner - Portia Roelofs

From the Department of International History and winners of the Martin Abel Gonzalez Prize:

Highly Commended - Isaac Scarborough and William King

Winner - Marina Perez de Arcos

From the Department of International Relations:

Highly Commended - Jacklyn Majnemer and Sarah Bertrand

Winner - Chris Rossdale

From the LSE Language Centre:

Highly Commended - Anna Giuffria and Paula de Santiago

Winner - Flavia d'Angelantonio


From the Department of Law:

Winners - Agnieszka Ason, Katerina Papapanagiotou and Paige Mason


Recipients departments M-S

From the Department of Management:

Winners - Adrian Gauci and Chiara Sotis

Highly Commended - Chris Busch and Diogo Salgado Baptista

From the Department of Mathematics:

Highly Commended - Georgios Zouros and Laurence O'Toole

Winners - Niccolo Salvatori, Siri Kouletsis and Tony Whelan

From the Department of  Media and Communications:

Highly Commended - Jelena Dzakula

Winner - Rafal Zaborowski

From the Methodology Institute:

Highly Commended - Jenny Chanfreau and Vikas Chandra

Winner - Indraneel Sircar

From the Department of Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method:

Winners - Bastian Steuwer, Chloe de Canson, James Wills and Joe Roussos

From the Department of Psychological and Behavioural Science:

Winners - Kate Laffan and Nihan Albayrak

From the Department of Social Policy:

Highly Commended - Irene Bucelli and Mario Gyori

Winner - Hayley Jones

From the Department of Sociology:

Highly Commended - Alejandro De-Coss Corza and Timothy Monteath

Winners - Daniel James and Kristina Kolbe

From the Department of Statistics:

Winners – Alice Pignatelli de Cerchiara, Hyeyoung Maeng and Xiaolin Zhu


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