LSE Excellence in Education Awards


Designed to support the School’s aspiration of creating ‘a culture where excellence in teaching is valued and rewarded on a level with excellence in research’ (LSE Strategy 2020), the Excellence in Education Awards are made, on the recommendations of Heads of Department, to staff who have demonstrated outstanding teaching contribution and educational leadership in their departments.

A list of winners from 2017/18 is displayed below.

Winners departments A-G

Dr Stefano Cascino, Accounting

Dr Maria Correia, Accounting

Dr Henry Eyring, Accounting

Dr Saipriya Kamath, Accounting

Dr Xi Li, Accounting

Dr Julia Morley, Accounting

Dr Catherine Allerton, Anthropology

Professor Katherine Gardner, Anthropology

Dr Nick Long, Anthropology

Dr Gisa Weszkalnys, Anthropology

Professor Nava Ashraf, Economics

Dr Margaret Bray, Economics

Professor Francesco Caselli, Economics

Professor Wouter Den Haan, Economics

Professor Erik Eyster, Economics

Dr Gregory Fischer, Economics

Dr Francesco Nava, Economics

Dr Rachel Ngai, Economics

Professor Ricardo Reis, Economics

Dr Sara Hagemann, European Institute

Dr Natascha Zaun, European Institute

Professor Daniel Ferreira, Finance

Dr Jacob Breslow, Gender Studies

Dr Ania Plomein, Gender Studies

Dr Emma Spruce, Gender Studies

Dr Aisling Swaine, Gender Studies

Dr Neil Lee, Geography & Environment

Dr Charles Palmer, Geography & Environment

Dr Richard Perkins, Geography & Environment

Dr Sethi Roth, Geography and Environment

Dr Megan Ryburn, Geography and Environment

Dr Thomas Smith, Geography and Environment

Professor Simon Hix, Government

Dr Jonathan Hopkin, Government

Dr Kai Spiekermann, Government

Dr Joachim Wehner, Government

Dr Huseyin Naci, Health Policy

Dr Justin Pankhurst, Health Policy

Professor Andrew Street, Health Policy

Winners departments I-L

Dr Ernestina Coast, International Development

Dr Geoff Goodwin, International Development

Dr Sohini Kar, International Development

Dr Tiziana Leone, International Development

Dr Laura Mann, International Development

Dr Portia Roelofs, International Development

Dr Rajesh Venugopal, International Development

Dr Diana Weinhold, International Development

Dr Roham Alvandi, International History

Professor Nigel Ashton, International History

Dr Megan Black, International History

Dr Paul Keenan, International History

Dr David Motadel, International History

Dr Taylor Sherman, International History

Dr Imaobong Umoren, International History

Dr Alex Bocse, International Relations

Dr Gustav Meibauer, International Relations

Dr Kate Millar, International Relations

Dr James Morrison, International Relations

Mr Michael Beaney, Language Centre

Ms Lourdes Hernandez Martin, Language Centre

Mr Rafael Cruz Penas Cruz, Language Centre

Dr Olga Sobolev, Language Centre

Dr Jo Braithwaite, Law

Professor Jeremy Horder, Law

Ms Sarah Paterson, Law

Dr Solene Rowan, Law

Dr Jessica Templeton, LSE100

Winners departments M-Z

Dr Atta Addo, Management

Professor Chrisanthi Avgerou, Management

Dr Uta Bindl, Management

Professor Amitav Chakravarti, Management

Dr Connson Locke, Management

Professor David Marsden, Management

Professor Om Narasimhan, Management

Dr Jonathan Roberts, The Marshall Institute

Dr Peter Allen, Mathematics

Dr Tugkan Batu, Mathematics

Dr Christoph Czichowsky, Mathematics

Dr Paul Duetting, Mathematics

Dr Ioannis Kouletsis, Mathematics

Dr Omar Al-Ghazzi, Media and Communications

Dr Shakuntala Banaji, Media and Communications

Dr Shani Orgad, Media and Communications

Dr Jean-Christophe Plantin, Media and Communications

Dr David Hendry, Methodology

Professor Jon Jackson, Methodology

Dr Chana Teeger, Methodology

Dr Milena Tsvetkova, Methodology

Dr Bryan Roberts, Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method

Dr Johanna Thoma, Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method

Professor Alex Voorhoeve, Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method

Dr Frederic Basso, Psychological and Behavioural Science

Professor Sandra Jovchelovitch, Psychological and Behavioural Science

Dr Dario Krpan, Psychological and Behavioural Science

Professor Lucinda Platt, Social Policy

Dr Hakan Seckinelgin, Social Policy

Dr Amanda Sheely, Social Policy

Dr Isabel Shutes, Social Policy

Dr Kitty Stewart, Social Policy

Dr Rebecca Elliott, Sociology

Dr James Abdey, Statistics

Dr Erik Bardoux, Statistics

Dr Yining Chen, Statistics

Dr Gelly Mitrodima, Statistics

Dr Xinghao Qiao, Statistics

Professor Fiona Steele, Statistics

Dr George Tzougas, Statistics