The latest data on COVID-19 and the LSE community

Coronavirus cases - weekly update 

Information is updated at the start of each week. The data is correct as of 9am on the Monday of each week.

Reported cases

The table shows the current total reported positive COVID-19 cases for students and staff as of 9am on the date shown. Numbers in each row show current positive cases, reflecting individuals who have tested positive in the prior week being added and those no longer positive being subtracted. As a result, totals should not be summed over time.

 Week Students   Staff  Total
11 January* 35 10 45
14 December 9 2 11
7 December 2 1 3
30 November 5 2 7
23 November 12 4 16
16 November 41 7 48
9 November 25 5 30
2 November 41 2 43
26 October 67 0 67
19 October 21 1 22
12 October 30 1 31
5 October 10 1 11

Number of individuals self-isolating

The table shows the current total reported number of students and staff self-isolating as of 9am on the date shown. Numbers in each row are the current total, reflecting that individuals who were self-isolating in previous weeks may no longer be doing so. As a result, totals should not be summed over time.

 Week  Students Staff  Total 
11 January* 129 49 178
14 December 67 15 82
7 December 36 13 49
30 November 47 17 64
23 November 141 19 160
16 November 208 33 241
9 November 220 29 249
2 November 356 19 375
26 October 558 18 576
19 October  442  32  474
12 October  337  42  379
5 October  353  33  386

*The pause in reporting between 15 December and 11 January is due to the winter break and School closure periods.

Testing at LSE

From 22 September to 23 October, LSE conducted over 5000 PCR tests on campus for students and staff. On 26 October, LSE transitioned to a quicker type of test which will produce results in 15-20 minutes across four sites. Visit the LSE testing pages for more information and to book a slot. 

You can view the local data for Camden and Westminster in the GOV.UK summary of coronavirus cases

Details on how this information has been collected can be found under 'Information sources of our data'.

Information sources for our data

Our LSE community rates provided are based on several information sources:

  • LSE on-campus testing
  • NHS testing
  • LSE Trace

Confirmed student numbers are for those living in halls of residences or private accommodation attending campus. Confirmed staff numbers are for all staff.  

LSE Testing 

At LSE, we are running our own on-campus testing facility. All members of our community - students and staff – who are coming onto campus for Welcome and the start of term have been asked to be tested. This facility is available until 23 October. From the 26 October LSE will begin a new testing regime.

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LSE Trace

LSE Trace, an important part of our holistic approach to protecting our community, provides contact tracing, symptom reporting, and support relating to coronavirus. We are also able to record seating in most classrooms, to identify close contact. 

This programme also includes a weekly Wellness Check-in by email, for all staff and students, to understand if they are experiencing any symptoms, have any positive cases in their household or are isolating for other reasons. By doing this, we can get a better understanding of the wellbeing of our entire community and capture insights beyond symptom reporting.


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