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LauraJane Silverman


Laura Jane Silverman


Birdsong logo


An online brand for women who expect more from their wardrobe. Birdsong finds the best female makers and bring them to you, no sweatshops, no photoshop. Started in August 2014 by a trio of feminist founders, they source fairly made fashion, from chitenge-printed bomber jackets to quirky bone jewellery. Each purchase gives back to the women who made it, from workshops in Malawi to seamstresses on Brick Lane. We don’t think our bodies need changing. Birdsong wants to clothe your body, beautiful as it is.

Chainy logo


Chainy connects creative people and notifies them about relevant opportunities.

We are truly inspired by the success stories of famous people in the creative world. For most of them it was a long and difficult journey to become successful and what made a difference was meeting the right people. 

Currently, creative people still use inefficient methods to look for each other: sticking posters on university walls, calling and messaging friends, and searching on websites that are not designed for this purpose. But we are here to change this! 

Our goal is to help talented people to succeed, and we believe that success requires the help of others. Chainy makes it easy for creative people from various industries to connect and get exposure to endless opportunities around the world.

FirstStep Consulting logo

First Step Consulting

First Step Consulting is a social venture that aims to enhance the employability of young people. We recruit ambitious students and recent graduates from diverse backgrounds to work on challenging management consulting projects.

As these volunteers help solve the business problems of our clients, they develop key career skills and get hands-on experience. They improve their commercial awareness, learn how to manage a project independently and gain an insight into the world of work. Experienced professionals also join us either as mentors or pro bono consultants. Together we offer a wide range of services including industry analysis, customer segmentation, market research, competition analysis, benchmarking, and strategic positioning.

Feelshare logo


Feelshare lets you live broadcast your music listening experience with the rest of the world ie when you're live, the whole world tunes into what you're listening to and what you play next. Let the world experience music through your headphones.

givtree logo


GivTree is a socialized, gamified charity donation platform. We believe that technology and the internet has fundamentally changed the way we interact. It's time to apply this to charity, so we can nurture a culture of giving in society. GivTree works by donating just £1 to your chosen charity and nominating two others to do the same, on a visual, online platform. This GivTree grows exponentially with each nomination, with the money then being donated to a specific charity goal. See for more information.

Lensational logo


Lensational is a non-profit social enterprise founded in March 2013 with the vision of empowering women in developing countries through photography. It has worked with 200 women and girls from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Philippines. As a youth-led organisation, it has 30 volunteers from 15 nationalities, with a strong base in London.

Meng Ya logo


Founded by anthropologists and international travellers from the London School of Economics (LSE), MengYa is an innovative educational tour provider specialising in culture, adventure, art and volunteering trips to China.

We want to bridge the gap between the classroom and the world we study. By combining seminars and discussion groups and fun tourist activities, we encourage cultural immersion in China, using education as a tool for a deeper understanding of the intricacies of daily life.

From tea plantations to inspiring skyscrapers, from local rice wine to cocktails and jazz, from traditional housing to five star hotels, and from natural fieldwork observation to panel discussions, we aim to give educational journey diversity and context.

My Consulting Coach logo

My Consulting Coach

My Consulting Coach aims to revolutionise the way candidates prep to get into Management Consulting. Instead of teaching ready-made frameworks, we teach candidates to think like consultants. This enables them to create their own simple, effective and original frameworks, in the same way a real consultant would do in a real project.

Organisational Well Being Agency logo

Organisational Well Being Agency

OWBA - The Well Being Agency is a boutique management consultancy that specialises in Mindfulness for corporates. OWBA's programs are grounded in psychological research and case studies from the workplace, and offer cutting edge and practical Mindfulness tools customised for professionals. OWBA provides professional evaluation and analysis with advanced qualitative and quantitative tools as well as feedback and support to top-management and employees worldwide. OWBA has worked with the McKinsey & Co, Teva Pharmaceuticals, Zara, Amdocs and academic bodies such as the LSE and IDC Herzliya. Dana Zelicha, OWBA's founder, is an Organisational Psychologist, Executive Coach and a Lecturer for 'Mindful Leadership' and 'Organisational Well Being' at the IDC Herzliya.

Pollinate Energy logo

Pollinate Energy 

Pollinate Energy is a social business with a simple mission – to improve the lives of India’s urban poor by connecting urban slum communities with technology (products). With a focus on affordable sustainable solutions, such as solar lights and improved cookstoves, Pollinate Energy is creating opportunities for development and improving quality of life. With our products people are able to reduce indoor smoke, enjoy better light quality, cease fossil fuel consumption and save money.

We find local people who are passionate about helping slum communities in their area, and train them to develop community links and sell these affordable products to those who need them most. We provide all the support to sustain these micro-social businesses which alleviate the financial, environmental and health costs of kerosene – an expensive, harmful and unsustainable energy source. As we expand our offering of development enabling products our ability to assist communities grows and the sustainability of the business is assured.

By bringing international students together with local Indian representatives, Pollinate Energy also inspires the next generation of global leaders in sustainability and social enterprise. This also ensures that Pollinate Energy remains relevant and agile as the program participants implement new and innovative ideas during their time on the ground in India.

Quanto logo


Quanto is a mobile payment system with the dual mission of permitting any person with a smartphone to pay digitally irrespective of whether they are banked or unbanked (universal digital financial inclusion), and of making the experience of paying as easy as sending a message or post in social media (the best user experience possible in payments).

Our minimum viable product allows users to transfer money between themselves and to pay for water and electricity bills. Our initial market is Panama, but our vision is to expand our mission to the rest of the Latin American region.

Yonder logo


Yonder is a business based on a mobile and web application which shows you the cheapest flight destinations on the days you want to get away. Fifi Kara-Newton is one of the brains behind the project and has just completed her BA in social policy. Yonder won the 2016 Santander Universities competition (New Tech and Mobile app at the Idea Stage category).


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