Updates to LSE's term names and SMC titles

Introducing new academic term names and changes to role titles

Following discussions and consultations which took place last term, the School Management Committee (SMC) has made the decision to introduce changes to academic term names and some role titles within SMC, as well as their related offices.

These new names use more accessible and widely-recognised terminology, and better reflect the international nature of our community and our broader global engagement. This provides strong intelligibility both within the UK – where ‘Vice Chancellor’ is the primary job title for the head of institution in most universities – and globally – where ‘President’ is used most often. Given the ever-increasing need for the School to operate and collaborate internationally, it is important that external stakeholders can clearly understand the School’s senior leadership positions and management structures. 

Changes to role titles and offices will take effect from January. However, the new term names will not be adopted until the 2023/2024 academic year, giving our School time to update relevant systems, processes and content. Below you can find more details on the new names, implementation and related changes.


LSE's new term names (from 2023/2024 academic year)

The next academic year term names and the periods between sessions at LSE will change as follows:

LSE's new term names (from 2023/2024 academic year)
CURRENT TITLENEW TITLE (from 2023/2024 academic year)
Michaelmas Term (MT) Autumn Term (AT)
Christmas break Winter break
Lent Term (LT) Winter Term (WT)
Easter break Spring break
Summer Term (ST) Spring Term (ST)
Summer period / Summer School Summer period / Summer School

As noted, term names will remain the same for the remainder of the 2022/2023 academic year, with key processes undertaken to amend our systems and communications from 2023/2024 onwards.


Role title and office changes (from January 2023)

Following Council approval, members of the School Management Committee will also have changes in their job titles from January 2023:  

Role title and office changes (from January 2023)
CURRENT TITLENEW TITLE (from January 2023)
LSE Director LSE President and Vice Chancellor
Pro-Director (Education) Vice President and Pro-Vice Chancellor (Education)
Pro-Director (Faculty Development) Vice President and Pro-Vice Chancellor (Faculty Development)
Pro-Director (Research) Vice President and Pro-Vice Chancellor (Research)
Pro-Director (Planning and Resources) Vice President and Pro-Vice Chancellor (Planning and Resources)

These amended titles will be used for external and internal engagement, with a discretionary and practical approach taken to their application, to aid understanding of SMC roles and activities. This approach is aligned with many other Higher Education institutions and has the strong support of the University of London’s Vice Chancellor.

This proposal was discussed at a Department Heads’ Forum and the Academic Board meetings in October 2022, where colleagues were largely supportive of the change. As well as contributing to the head of the institution being more transparent and comprehensible, there was an understanding that those in the roles are best placed to understand what titles will work best for their networks. In addition, the Vice-Chancellor of the University of London has provided written confirmation of her support for a change to Vice Chancellor/Pro-Vice Chancellor. 


Office changes

These changes in role titles will also bring about amendments to some key offices and posts that support the School Management Committee:  

CURRENT TITLENEW TITLE (from January 2023)
LSE Directorate LSE Executive Office
 Head of Directorate and Strategy Delivery Head of Executive Office and Strategy Delivery

These will also come into effect from January 2023. Further details, including updates to relevant email and web addresses, will be shared in Staff News next week. 


Deputy to the President and Vice Chancellor

In addition to the above changes, LSE will seek to appoint a Deputy to the President and Vice Chancellor role in the School Management Committee, to be filled by a current Pro-Vice Chancellor in addition to their current duties.

The post holder will aid the smooth running of School business in the President and Vice Chancellor's absence and will not have any further line management responsibilities, change in job title or formal delegation of authority unless in time-limited, exceptional circumstances. SMC have emphasised that the proposal allows for effective cover whilst the Director is away from the School on extensive external engagements and business travel where she represents LSE globally and leads in the delivery of LSE 2030.

HR is leading the internal recruitment process and an update on the appointment will follow in due course.