Staff stories

LSE staff share their experiences and hopes for 2017

Our staff community is as diverse as our student body, with staff members working at the School from across the globe. Read their thoughts on working in the UK within a post-Brexit landscape and how they feel to be a #partofLSE.

Dr Siva Thambisetty, LSE Law

"I remember how welcoming the British Council was to me in 1998, when I came to the UK as an international student with a scholarship. Our politics in 2017 is descending into a very dark space, and my way of pushing back against that is to consciously be a bit more human, abit more open in what I portray to my students."

"I want them to bring all of themselves into class, just like I want to bring all of myself into teaching and research. I don’t think we can excel at anything if we have to fragment ourselves. We should remember to be human."

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Michael Cottakis, President of 1989 Generation Initiative, LSE European Institute

"The goal of the 1989 Generation Initiative is to mobilise young people to stand up and take a defining role in charting a new course for the European project at a time of crisis. In 2017, I’d like to see our participants being active contributors to public debate and the policy-making process. The LSE European Institute is great; they give you a lot of latitude, it’s a very creative environment that has helped us set this up." 

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Maryane Mwaniki, Head of Alumni Relations and Careers Services, TRIUM

"As a member of staff, I am in a really privileged position to be able to contribute to the creation and development of an alumni network that allows for knowledge exchange, showcasing of different ideas, and formation of lifelong friendships that transcend cultural boundaries."

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Dr Brian Klaas, LSE Department of Government

"Politics students at LSE in 2017 are studying one of the most consequential moments in global history. Personally, I want to see an establishment politics that figures out a way to articulate a vision of building bridges rather than walls: finding a way to incorporate the populist energy into a more productive politics."

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