Moodle - Virtual Classrooms

Moodle is the LSE's centrally supported virtual learning environment for undergraduate and taught courses. A virtual learning environment mirrors  and supports bricks and mortar learning environments, enabling a "blended learning" approach.  

Why use Moodle?  

When designing Moodle courses it helps to think of each course as a (virtual) classroom, in which learning, teaching, collaboration, discussion and reflection happens, as well as storing and sharing of multimedia resources: text, images, audio, video. 

Teachers decide here, as they do in the "real world", what students can do, how they can communicate with each other, what and when they should and can read documents. Teachers can collect formative and summative assignments, give feedback, assign group work and enable peer review assignments.  

Moodle is integrated with Turnitin, a tool that can help students to check their work for inadvertent plagiarism, such as citing and referencing mistakes or omissions.  

Moodle is integrated with Echo360, the LSE's lecture recording system, for allowing and restricting student access to recordings easily.  

Official Moodle Platform Accessibility statement 

Guides, Advice and Training 

  • We have developed comprehensive guides on how to use Moodle effectively on our Moodle Guides.  

  • If you would like to learn more about how best to use Moodle as an educational tool, or how to include educationally valuable online activities, please contact to arrange a discussion with a learning technologist. For inspiration, check out our case studies.  

  • We offer regular training sessions on Basic Moodle know-how. These can be booked on the LSE training system.

  • You can also also read the LSE Moodle Terms of Use here.  

Please note:  

Moodle Annual Refresh 

Each year, Moodle courses are refreshed to remove old student data and allow departments to prepare their "virtual classrooms" for the next cohort of students. Current staff and students will need to take action to ensure they have all the information they need from Moodle before the refresh takes effect. 

Detailed information on the annual refresh.  

Further Reading

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