Posters in Parliament

Posters in Parliament is an excellent annual opportunity to showcase the research of LSE undergraduates and to celebrate British undergraduate research in general.

Posters in Parliament 2020

Each participating UK university nominates two participants to exhibit their undergraduate research in the exhibition. Posters must exhibit work that has been conducted during an undergraduate programme, either from current students or recent graduates.

Along with the opportunity to present work in Westminster, the top three posters, as selected by a judging panel, receive a monetary award to be put towards furthering the research or researcher’s career. The judging panel take into account both the rigour of the research and the quality of the poster’s presentation.

The date of the Posters in Parliament 2020 exhibition is Wednesday 11 March 2020.

Applications for LSE entrants are now closed. Our undergraduate entrants have been selected by an Eden Centre panel - they are Devi Rughani (Economic History) and Jintao Zhu (Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method) - and we will be sharing more information about their research here in Lent Term.

Posters in Parliament 2019

The Posters in Parliament 2019 exhibition took place in Westminster on Thursday 7 March 2019, in the Attlee Room of Portcullis House on the Parliamentary Estate.

Applications for LSE entrants were collected during Michaelmas Term 2018. Our finalists were selected by a LSE panel in mid-December. 

Below are the LSE undergraduate entrants for 2019 - Menna Bishop from the Department of Social Policy and Robbie Wong from the Department of Government. Download pdfs (left poster/right poster) for more detail! Large copies of the posters will also be on display in the ground floor lobby of 20 Kingsway until March 2020.

Posters in Parliament 2019 - both posters (M_Bishop-R_Wong)
The LSE entries for Posters in Parliament 2019

For more details, visit the BCUR website.

Posters in Parliament 2018

Posters in Parliament 2018 took place in Portcullis House, Westminster on 20 February 2018.

Below you can see the work of Hannah Bailey (Government) and Mayowa Igbalajobi (Economic History), who represented the LSE this year. Download pdfs (left poster/right poster) for more detail!

Both posters for PiP 2018 - webpage

You can read Hannah and Mayowa's account of Posters in Parliament 2018 here. 

Posters in Parliament 2017

Last year, LSE was represented at the BCUR’s annual Posters in Parliament exhibition on Tuesday 14 March in the Jubilee Room, Houses of Parliament. Two delegations from the School presented posters based on their recent work, as seen below. Download pdfs (left poster/right poster) for more detail!

PiP 2017 - both posters

Those students interested in Posters in Parliament may also wish to consider LSE GROUPS.