About us

We are responsible for establishing and implementing strategic targets for the efficient and effective collection of income across the School, whilst meeting operational, financial control and other strategic priorities.

The Fees Income and Credit Control office consists of three units: Customer Support, Cash Management & Credit Control & Compliance Team.

Aim:Our core aim is to enrich the student and customer experience by adopting a principled centred approach to debt management, income collection and reconciliation.

Customer service, quality and a clear commitment to our customers and stakeholders are our underlying principles.

Mission statement

We seek to provide a best in class customer experience by managing financial services for students and customers, combined with collecting income to maintain a healthy financial position for the School.


To deliver a plethora of financial services in an environment that supports learning, extend our engagement with the immediate and wider LSE communities by marketing our services and skills.

Continue to review and expand our current services by offering technology that improves the student and customer experience whilst also ensuring that the LSE remains on a sound financial base.

Commitments to our stakeholders 

  • Respect: Treat all customers with courtesy and respect in all interactions and across all mediums of communication.
  • Feedback: Enable customers to provide feedback simply, through customer surveys and online feedback forms. We will provide email links to our feedback questionnaire on all documentation issued from the team.

  • Impartiality: Undertake all aspects of our service to you fairly and impartially. 

  • Transparency: Act openly and transparently in our application of policies and procedures
  • Communication: Always provide clear, intelligible and customer-friendly policies and responses to your enquiries. We will also be clear on what our role is and what we can and cannot do. 

  • Improvement: Aim to meet and where possible exceed service level commitments, listen to the feedback you provide and improve our services.

  • Professionalism: Always act professionally towards all customers
  • Signpost: Direct you to the appropriate service or team if we cannot assist you.

Cash Management Team 

The Cash Management Team are responsible for the following functions:

  • Timely recording of all income received into the School's bank accounts.
  • Bank reconciliations for all bank accounts for the LSE, LETS, and TRIUM.
  • Investigating unidentified income
  • Treasury Management 
  • Supporting the Payment Acceptance Strategy 

The team is Managed by Isidore Dossouhon (Cash and Reconciliation Manager).

Customer Support Team

The Customer Support Team are responsible for:

  • Online Store: Product set ups
  • Central refunds processing (Staff and students)
  • U.S. Federal Loans Administration 
  • Canadian Loans Administration
  • Student Support Services: Drop in, Call Centre & enquiry handling.
  • Commercial debtor: New debtor, Sales invoice and credit notes authorisation 
  • Student Finance Hub & Payment Portal Support 
  • Advice: Student Fees Policy & Credit Management Policy 

The Customer Support Team is managed by Carly Wilkinson (Customer Support Manager).

Credit Control & Compliance Team

The Credit Control and Compliance team are responsible for:

  • Accurate and timely student billing & collection to reduce bad debt
  • Collection strategy for all commercial and student income
  • Management information & regulatory reporting
  • Information and advice: Policy and procedures
  • Enrolment verification for U.S. Federal Loans
  • Risk assessment for student progression

The Credit Control & Compliance Team are managed by Malcolm Bird (Deputy Head of Fees, Income and Credit Control)



Credit Management Team of the Year 2021

JICCICMBCA21-LOGO-WINNER_Credit_Team_of_the_Year (002)

The Fees, Income and Credit Control team are the proud recipients of the Chartered Institute of Credit Management 2021 Credit Team of the Year.

CICM : " This entry recognised the benefit of transparency, customer segmentation, flexibility within a framework, knowledge sharing, financial counselling - shows a real deep understanding of debt resolution - clearly a team that shows forward thinking and growth”








Public Sector Team of the Year - Credit Awards 2021 & 2022

The Fees, Income and Credit Control are proud finalists in both the 2021 & 2022 Credit Awards -  Category Public Sector Team of the Year.