Debt and Credit Management

Policy and procedures

Fees information

1.1 Fees are charged for all students at the London School of Economics ("the LSE") There are no exceptions. Every student must have sufficient funds before starting their course and declare it on the Financial Undertaking Form (FUF) before registration.

1.2 Fees are charged in £UK (Sterling). The LSE will not give the fee in any other currency.

1.3 Fee levels for 2017/18 are displayed on the LSE website, the figures quoted are for one year of study(2017/18 session) at LSE only. If your programme includes a period of study at another institution the fees for that time will be set by the institution in question and payable there. Likewise, if your programme covers more than one year at LSE, the new fee levels for your second and succeeding years will be payable in due course.

1.4 .Changes in fee levels may occur over the course of an academic year; students who withdraw, interrupt or change course will be advised of any adjustment to their fee.

1.5 Please note that fees are paid in each year (academic session) for which you are registered and normally rise in each year. They do not stay the same as in the year you started. Fees are published in advance and can be viewed here.

1.6 Who pays the fees: Students who are self-financed are deemed to be paying the fees from personal finance, family members or through a loan. If your fees are being paid by a third party ie: Sponsor, a bill or invoice will be sent direct to a government, charity or company. Your fees may be paid via an award, if less than your total fees, you are expected to pay the balance. Any outstanding balance not covered by a sponsor or an award must be paid by the student.

1.7 A sponsor cannot be anyone who gives their money to the student directly, such as a loan company. If you are a UK/EU student and take out a loan with the Student Loans Company your loan will be paid direct to the School. If funding comes from family or a loan, then the student is termed 'self financed'.

1.8 It is the responsibility of the student to make sure fees are paid on time.

1.9 Funding may be in the form of a loan, a sponsor (Government, charity, company) or an award. Parents are not deemed as sponsors. Sponsors have several meanings: A government, a government department, a charity. This is not an exhaustive list and you should refer to the LSE website for further information.

1.10 The sponsor contribution or LSE award may not be used to pay the first part of the year.

1.11 In October following the registration period, invoices (bills) are sent to all sponsors for all the students they sponsor. The fees for the whole year have to be paid in full within 30 days of the invoice date, no discount is offered to sponsors.

1.12 The Fees Office do not automatically send fee invoices, students are advised of their tuition cost in their offer letter. You can also access tuition cost from the table of fees and from LSE for You. If you require a fee invoice please send your request via the Document request webpage.

Credit Management Policy

This document sets out the School’s policy for dealing with students and customers who fail to pay any fees or charges due to the School in accordance with the payment terms applicable to the service or product provided

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Consumer rights

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) guidance sets out your consumer rights as a student, for further information click here es here