Private Loans

Enhancing and expanding the loans available to LSE applicants
and students


Before considering private loans it is important that you fully research government or local authority funding. If this is not an option there are several private loans available to LSE students.

Eligibility for private loans varies amongst providers, however it may include consideration of some or all of the following;

  • Financial status
  • Nationality 
  • Future earnings 
  • Programme of study

For the avoidance of doubt, LSE cannot provide any financial advice or make any recommendation in relation to any of these loan providers. LSE is not a party to any Agreement you may enter into with your chosen loan provider and as such you agree that LSE will not be held liable for any issues that may arise out of that contractual relationship. We therefore strongly suggest you carefully read any terms and conditions including but not limited to any data protection provisions provided to you by your chosen loan provider before you sign.

However, please note that In order to put into effect any loan you receive from your loan provider, LSE will have to enter into a data sharing Agreement with your chosen loan provider. This is in order for there to be the relevant exchange of personal data solely regarding the loans being processed and any other relevant information to be processed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation and the Data Protection Act 2018. A copy of these data sharing Agreements can be access by the link below

found here


Future Finance 

Future Finance is the UK's largest private student lender.

  • Loans are offered from £2,000 - £40,000 to cover both tuition and living costs.
  • Loans are offered to students that are resident in the UK 
  • Loans are available to students studying at an undergraduate or postgraduate level.
  • How to apply? Students can submit an application online up to 12 months prior to course start. You can get started by submitting an application via the to see if you're eligible.

The LSE may be required to verify your attendance on the course before any funding is released; this will be completed after you have completed enrolment. 

Any loan funds requested for tuition will be released directly to the LSE and the funds will be applied towards your tuition and loans for living costs will be paid directly to you.


Lendwise is a specialist loan provider dedicated to education finance for UK residents who are looking to fund their studies at world class universities.

For LSE, North American as well as EU nationals are also eligible for a Lendwise Loan. For other nationalities, Lendwise will review your application on a case-by-case basis.

All postgraduate courses at LSE, on both full time and part time basis, are eligible. Students who are in their final year of undergraduate studies are also eligible for maintenance loans.

Full time programme students have access to a grace period that allows for repayment to start after graduation. Rates depend on an applicant’s overall profile, and the application process is entirely online.

Contact Lendwise directly to apply 

You can download the Lendwise brochure here

Prodigy Finance 

Prodigy Finance provides loans for UK and international graduate students to pursue their master’s degrees at the world’s best schools, including the London School of Economics.

  • No cosigner and no collateral required
  • Loans available for current and incoming students, 150 nationalities eligible
  • No up-front fee and no early repayment fees
  • Repayment terms up to 20 years
  • Repayment begins 6-months after graduation for full-time courses
  • Loans cover up to 80% cost of attendance (tuition plus living costs), dependent on individual eligibility

Their loan model eliminates the need for a co-signer or collateral. This means they can lend to many students who lack access to other traditional sources of funding. Additionally, Prodigy Finance assesses their applicants’ future earning potential to determine loan affordability.

See more details about the terms and conditions, and how to apply for a loan on Prodigy Finance’s website.

Earnest & Sallie Mae loans 

Sallie Mae and Earnest are the only U.S. lenders we are aware of that are willing to lend to students at a foreign school.

Earnest have recently launched a loan product for US students and International students with a valid U.S.cosigner studying overseas.

For further information please visit our Private Loans for-U.S.-Students or you can visit the Earnest website directly. 


Juno (formerly LeverEdge) is a collective bargaining organization for student loans. They negotiate exclusive deals with their lending partners to provide low rates to U.S. citizens or international students with a valid U.S. citizen cosigner.

Juno offers a best rate guarantee program among private loans , please check the rates here:

Disclaimer for third party services

Please note that if you decide to use any service listed on this webpage your personal details will be held outside of the UK and EEA , in the U.S and may be passed to other third parties companies as required by the provider in order to deliver the service. We strongly suggest you read the lenders privacy policy and their terms and conditions before signing up to ensure that you are content to do so.

For the avoidance of doubt, LSE accepts no responsibility or liability for any damage caused to you, your property (computer based or otherwise), software or data caused as a result of using this service. However, if  at any point after signing up, you find any unwelcome or strange activity occurring in your email account, or notice any suspected unauthorised usage of your data that you have provided to [Name of Service], then please report this immediately to