Staff requests for an invoice or Credit note

To charge a customer or organisation for a service or
goods provided by the School.

To amend or cancel an invoice issued to a customer.


Please note: You will no longer be able to submit tickets via the IssueTrak platform from July 31st July  2019. All tickets will need to be submitted via the Finance Divisions new Helpdesk

New debtor requests, sales Invoices, sales credit notes and refund requests should be submitted directly via OneFinance and not the Finance Helpdesk

Request an invoice

You can submit an invoice directly via OneFinance, for further information please see our user guide.

Note: From August 1st 2019 you will be required to submit invoices directly in OneFinance.

Request a credit note

Budget holders or staff with financial responsibility will be granted access to Credit note request in OneFinance for further information please see our user guide.

From August 1st 2019 you will be required to submit invoices directly in OneFinance.

User guides

Please download and read the userguide prior to submitting your requests.

Income Management - New Debtor Accounts, Sales Invoices, Credit Notes and Refunds

Please ensure you are familiar with the VAT requirements when submitting your request, if you are unsre please check the guidance in the VAT toolkit

If you have any questions after you have read through the user guide and procedures document please contact us via the Finance Division Helpdesk


  1. The School's standard terms and conditions state that payment terms for all invoices require payment to be made within 30 days of invoice date. Exceptions to this must be agreed in advance with the Chief Financial Officer
  2. LSE Staff should seek advice from the Tax Team or have used the online VAT Toolkit and kept a copy of the result for future audit purposes when determining VAT liability. You can email the tax team for further advice and information.
  3. Prior to submitting an invoice request you should determine if a Purchase Order number is required.
  4. Following the submission of your request, the invoice will follow the Schools standard debt chasing process. 
  5. In the event of non-payment, the debt will be reviewed and may be passed to the School's external debt collection agency. All necessary action will be taken to recover this debt, including legal processes.
  6. Credit notes will be processed within 7 business days in non-busy periods and 7-10 days in busy periods.
  7. If your invoice or credit note request is declined, we will advise you
  8. The Finance Division will accept no responsibility for inaccurate information provided on your data entry form.
  9. The Finance Division have the right to reject an invoice or credit note requests if the data entry is incomplete or inaccurate.
  10. If you have any complaints about the service, please contact us via the Finance Division Helpdesk outlining the reasons for your complaint.
  11. All invoice and credit note requests are processed in accordance with the LSE Financial Regulations
  12. ALL requests should be submitted via OneFinance, any request submitted outside of the Finance system will not be processed.