LSE Travel

 Your guide to booking travel for work

How to book travel

Travel for LSE Business can be booked through our new service providers Corporate Traveller, either online (through Melon booking tool) and offline through an agent on Corporate Traveller – more details below.

Please view the training recording if you have been unable to attend previous training sessions arranged.

As of Friday 3 November 2023, all new travel bookings should be made via Corporate Traveller. Visit the Melon online portal to start your booking for flights, hotels and trains (simple bookings) Online booking

If the link above do not give you access, you need to register to use Corporate Traveller (Melon's online travel booking tool) please complete LSE registration form


Before you travel
Register to book, view our policy and complete your travel notification form

Registering to book travel with LSE

If you need to travel or arrange travel for someone at LSE, you’ll need to fill in the form below to request for your account to be set up in Melon online booking system. Once your account has been created you will receive a welcome email from Melon inviting you to complete your profile by adding personal details (i.e passport details are essential if you travel)

Register for an LSE travel account

Read our travel and expense policy

Before you book your travel, be sure to review our School’s Travel, subsistence and personal expense policy and procedures.

Complete the travel notification form for safe travel

All staff and students must complete the Travel Notification Form prior to travel, to help the School protect their safety and to ensure you are covered by the School’s travel insurance policy.

Travel Notification Form

Further guidance on the risk assessment and approval process for staff and students planning travel and fieldwork can be found on the Overseas travel homepage

Booking travel online
Our online booking portal is provided through Melon

Visit the Melon online portal to get started with your booking: 

Book travel online – Melon

If the link is not working for you, register so we can set up your access

Training support and guidance

To help you get started, the Melon user guide covers the basics of what you need to know about using the online portal, including managing your profile and guidance for travel arrangers.

Melon - user guide 

For further support, visit the Melon training library with a wide range of guides, videos and FAQs.

Melon - travel booking training library

Booking your travel through an agent
Book by phone or email with an agent through our Corporate Traveller service.

To book with an agent, contact our Corporate Traveller service by phone or email:


TEL: 0207 324 8400 – This is also the emergency out of hours phone number

Travel consultant hours are 8.30am-6pm, however outside of this phone calls are redirected to our emergency out of hours team, so there is always someone to speak to. The out of hours team will deal with any emergencies and any new bookings within 48 hours.

Booking contacts:

Caron Lawrence, Expert Travel Consultant
John Archer, Operations Team Manager
Katherine Bell, Expert Travel Consultant

Account Manager: Peter Jamieson

Tips on booking through an agent:

  • Complex travel requirements and itineraries, such as multi-stop, inter-continental travel, international rail bookings group bookings and travel to high-risk areas please email or call the Corporate Traveller Team.
  • Provide your consultants with as much detail as possible to enable the best options and service from the start.
  • Consultant will choose the best option for your booking (within your given parameters such as dates and times).
  • Provide the appropriate OneFinance Project or General Ledger Budget Code
  • On confirmation you will receive a full trip itinerary, e-ticket and any hotel or car vouchers. If you are booking for someone else and wish for the Traveller to receive a copy of the itinerary, please advise Corporate Traveller of their email address.

Paying for travel
LSE have put in place a centralised payment process to pay for travel through OneFinance

When booking travel via Melon Online (Corporate Traveller’s system) or via email to

 Below is some detail of how the process works:

1. In order to make a travel booking, a OneFinance Project or General Ledger Budget Code must be provided to Corporate Traveller.

2. The School has an embedded card lodged with Melon Online (Corporate Traveller) for payments to be made once a booking is confirmed. As such there is no requirement for LSE staff bookers to arrange payment to Corporate Traveller themselves.

3. Once a booking is confirmed, Melon Online (Corporate Traveller) will generate and send the corresponding invoice to the Accounts Payable team ( within the School’s Finance Division.

4. Accounts Payable will upload the invoice details and send it to the travel booker for review and submission on OneFinance. The document will be populated with the OneFinance budget code provided at booking.  Once coded and submitted, the invoice will go to the relevant approval pool for authorization. This ensures there is a robust final check before final charges are allocated. 

5. If travel is cancelled via Melon Online (Corporate Traveller), a credit note will be generated. These will be sent to the Accounts Payable within the Finance Division and follow the same route in steps 3 & 4 above.

6. If you have queries in regards to the above or any Melon Online invoice, please contact

Travel FAQ's

How do I register access for the online booking tool

  • Click  Register for an LSE travel account  and complete the Microsoft forms
  • New accounts will be uploaded to Corporate Traveller within 72hrs.
  • A Welcome Email will be sent from within 24hrs.
  • Once you receive a Welcome email from Melon you will need to onboard and complete your personal data e.g., Passport details and mobile number.
  • Please check your email junk folder in case it is directed to that folder. 

Using the online Melon portal to book Flights, Train, and Hotels 

  • Log on Melon Portal to use the portal to book Flights, Train, and Hotels.
  • When completing your profile, you do not need to complete the payment tab as we have an embedded lodge card with Corporate Traveller (Melon)
  • Contact number is mandatory for travel information and urgent updates.
  • When booking your train for the first time, click on book and manage train reservations - enter LSE email and do forgotten password to get a new password.
  • First class travel can be booked in exception cases only e.g., only to be booked under special circumstances, as this is outside LSE Travel Policy. - Please contact your manager in the first instance on approval for this class of travel.
  • Visa requirement - There is no link to CIBT visa contact the Melon online chat for assistance.

How can I book a trip on someone’s behalf?

Those of you with Travel Arranger permissions will be able to book travel for other people after you have assigned them as one of your travellers. You can do this through the Trip Arranger section.  

To add trip arranger, find My Account section in the Hey menu and then select the My Account.  See Melon user guide pages 11 & 15 

Traveller Guest Booking

Certain travel arrangers will have the ability to book for external travellers - commonly referred to as guest travellers.  

  • Adding a guest traveller: Booking travel online, Melon user guide page 15.  
  • Please note: Guests will be deactivated after 30 days of their last trip if no new trips are booked. Deactivated Guests will be deleted after 30 days.

External traveller bookings (eg.interviews, speakers, examiners, etc)

  • Department / Division to pass details of external traveller to Corporate Traveller for booking travel.  
  • External traveller to contact Corporate Traveller and to make a booking within LSE Travel policy.
  • Once a quote has been agreed Corporate Traveller to review with LSE and obtain a budget code to complete the booking.  

How to use Frequent Flyer Points 

  • Add Frequent flyer number to profile at the time of booking. 

The Travel Management Company Revenue?

As with the School’s previous TMCs, Corporate Traveller charges a fee for every transaction you make with them. This covers their administration costs Transaction Fees 

LSE have put in place a centralised payment process to pay for travel through OneFinance.

How the payment and invoices process work with Corporate Traveller 

  • LSE has embedded card lodged with Melon Online (Corporate Traveller) once booking is confirmed.
  • To make a travel booking, a OneFinance Project or General Ledger Budget Code must be provided to Corporate Traveller
  • Once a booking is confirmed, Melon Online (Corporate Traveller) will generate and send the corresponding invoice to the Accounts Payable team. (
  • Please note you might get multiple invoices for the same booking eg: for hotels, the accommodation cost is charged later when payment is made to the hotel, resulting in two invoices.
  •  This is the OneFinance email that notifies a user an invoice has been assigned to their My Tasks on One Finance for processing.  The user will need to log in to OneFinance, to code the invoice to the budget/check the invoice is correct.

Group Travel - Studylink Tours

StudyLink Group Travel Booking Process Summary


    • The StudyLink website provides a wide array of destinations and university case studies to help trip leaders gather inspiration for their student group travel trip.
    • Quote Request: At this stage, trip leaders can submit a quote request. The necessary details include:
      • Subject and educational goals
      • Destination(s)
      • Approximate travel dates
      • Approximate number of students and staff
      • Preferred mode of transport and other inclusions (transfers, accommodation, meals, visits, local guides)
      • Budget
      • Booking timeframe
      • Special requirements (e.g., accessibility needs)
    • Contact for Assistance:
      • Nadine Diver - Dedicated Account Executive
      • Dial: +44 (0) 1253 833587 
      • The above number will direct your call to another account executive if Nadine is not available.

BOOK Phase:

    • Online Quote & Provisional Booking: Nadine will provide a personalised online quote based on real-time prices. Trip leaders can amend the quote, ask questions, and make a no-obligation provisional booking.
    • If you are happy with your quote, you will need to raise a purchase order in OneFinance quoting Framework Reference PFB4039SU
    • My Tour Manager (MTM): After the provisional booking, users will gain access to MTM, an online tool that allows for making amendments, completing passenger lists, adding excursions, and monitoring tasks.


    • Users can finalise their tour details in MTM. Any updates, changes, or additions can be conveyed to Nadine, and the tour will be adjusted accordingly.


    • Users receive access to the StudyLink Travel App, which offers tickets, vouchers, and all essential trip information.
    • Pre-travel Check: Nadine will call the customer 3 days before the travel date to ensure everything is in order.
    • Locate My Trip: A traveller tracking device allowing universities or colleges to monitor the group's location for safety.


Feedback: Trip leaders are encouraged to share their experiences through the Group Leader Questionnaire. Nadine will also make a follow-up call to gather personal feedback and discuss any future travel plans.

Studylink FAQ's

Studylink Booking Guide

Calder Conferences Ltd - Conferencing, Events and Exhibitions

Calder Conferences Ltd are the School’s contracted provider for Conferencing, Events and Exhibitions (UK and Overseas)

  • Calder Conferences Ltd is an agency selected by the School to provide venue booking for conferences, events and exhibitions. It is the fastest way to make a booking and should be contacted in the first instance (not retrospectively) to get the best deal. Calder services are free of charge as it makes use of the industry's GDS booking system.
  • Calder's have a portfolio of over 70,000 venues to select from and they can add LSE suggested venues to their system - If you have a preferred venue not available on Calder portfolio, you should contact Calder before contacting the venue. Calder can add the venue to their system and manage the booking for you.
  • New supplier requests for an event are subject to School Procurement rules and due diligence checks need to be completed on all new suppliers. This creates unnecessary administration for all departments involved and therefore it is important to contact Calder in the first instance for all event requirements.
  • Benefit of using Calder for the School: over 98% of venues in Calder's portfolio agree to Calder’s Government terms and conditions, of which cancellation charges are more favorable to the School and eliminates the need to make pre payments/deposits.

Calder Services include:

  • Sourcing and contracting of exhibition and conference venues within the UK and overseas.
  • Overseas bookings do not attract VAT. However, final charges will not be confirmed until payment has been made due to fluctuations in exchange rates throughout the booking process.
  • Calder can provide bedrooms for your delegates if their stay over is related to the meeting/event which Calder have booked. Calder can also book accommodation not related to an event for groups of 9+ people.
  • Calder's can provide all your event management requirements for your event. There are also enhanced components of Digital, Vertical and Hybrid Meetings.
  • Calder can organise site visits when required for an LSE representative to inspect the venue prior to a booking or when a new venue has been sourced

How to make a booking or enquiry 

Mobile – School tariff rates (Roaming charges applicable when travelling abroad)

When travelling please check the roaming tariff rates that will be applicable : Mobile tariffs

Please contact  if you are having difficulties understanding the rate card. 

Taxi Services - Green Tomato Cars

Green Tomato Cars was established in 2006 as the UKs first environmentally friendly passenger service and continue to lead the way in the sustainability vertical area with a completely zero-emission capable fleet for passenger transport.

LSE has an Account with Green Tomato Cars:

Account Name:


Account Number:


Budget Code

Required for all bookings

There are four valid reasons for staff to use taxis on School business.

The applicable reason must be given to the taxi company at the booking stage:

  • Meeting tight deadlines
  • Transporting bulky materials
  • Most economic form of travel
  • Late night working

Booking Channels:  The various options for booking are: Web booker, iPhone/Andriod app, Call Operator and Email/Bulk bookings

If you do not have a profile….

Self-registration is available on the web portal and app

Web portal: 

Registration is straight forward and takes approximately 60 seconds. New users should enter LSE’s customer account number (which is C772) in the first box on the registration page. Once you have registered, you will receive an automated email with a link to confirm your registration. You will be asked to set your own password.

You can self-register to book on-line by clicking the link


Download the App on iOS or Android and select “SIGN UP” for a “BUSINESS” account with LSE’s customer account number which is C772

To make a booking on the web portal if you already have a profile:

To make a booking on the App if you already have a profile:

LSE staff are also welcome to use Green Tomato Cars free to download Customer Booking Apps. These are available to download from the App Store (for iOS devices) and Google Play (for Android devices) and simply use your login credentials to login to the app to make a booking. 

Phone Bookings:

A Green Tomato Cars agent can create a profile for you over the phone, where you will be asked to provide some details including the account number (C772) name, email address and phone number. This process will take 5 minutes so please bear this in mind.

A booking can’t be created if you do not have a profile on the account, so if you are ringing to make a booking without a profile, please allow some time for the agent to take the necessary details.

To book by Phone or Email: 24-hour contact details are: or 020 8568 0022 (please note phone or email booking incur a booking fee of £2.50)

For queries please email Customer Services:

Personal accident and travel insurance Find out about our School's travel insurance policy

The School's Travel Insurance policy covers staff travelling on School business and students while on School-organised field trips.

For more information, see LSE Travel Insurance.

All staff and students must complete the Travel Notification Form prior to travel, to help the School protect their safety and to ensure you are covered by the School’s travel insurance policy.

Further guidance Meet the LSE colleagues who look after our travel contracts and read the full guidance on our travel contract.

All travel and new booker queries

Travel at LSE is managed by Procurement Services, Finance Division:

Dee Cordwell, Travel Contract Advisor and New Booker Queries

Alpa Patel, Travel Contract Manager

Darran Whatley, Travel Contract Management Support

Neal Thomson, Travel Finance, Reporting & Compliance Queries

Liz Bunting, Travel Payment Queries or

More information:

View the full guidance on booking travel through our central service provided by Corporate Traveller/ Melon.

Visit our Business Travel page for information on safe travel, sustainability considerations and other relevant topics