LSE Travel

Travel, Subsistence and Personal Expenses Policy and Procedures

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Travel Booking Guidance


LSE's Travel Management Company (TMC), Corporate Traveler, can book air, rail, airport transfers and hotels, plus visa support.

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Personal Accident and Travel Insurance

The School's Travel Insurance policy covers staff travelling on School business and students while on School-organised field trips.

For more informaiton, see LSE Travel Insurance.

Conferencing, Exhibitions and Group Accommodation

LSE Financial regulations require that ALL significant activities outside of LSE’s mainstream activities, such as Conference and Exhibitions, need to be approved in advance by the Chief Financial Officer and follow relevant Finance/Procurement procedures.   

Calder are the School’s contracted provider for Conferencing, Exhibitions and Group Accommodation  

  • Using Calder for these services by-passes the need for observing the three quote or four tender thresholds.
  • The alternative option to using Calder is to provide four competitive tender offers for evaluation, review, and award, which can be difficult given decisions are often based on location
  • Click the link to view the full process and other information about Calder. 
  • LSE Contact : Darran Whatley


Neal Thomson, 
Assistant Director of Finance, Head of Financial Reporting and Compliance

Tel: 020 7107 5348

Calder Contact:  Darran Whatley, Procurement Generalist Category Manager,