Flexible working and recruitment

how flexible working fits into the recruitment process

Getting started

The School is moving towards a culture where discussions about flexible working are just another part of the recruitment process. Opening up new vacancies to flexible working applications means that:

  • Recruiting managers can select from a wider pool of applicants
  • Otherwise excellent applicants are encouraged to apply
  • The School gains a reputation for being positive about flexible working


Recruiting managers are actively encouraged to consider including wording on each advert that welcomes applications to work the role flexibly.


Internal applications and promotions

The School is also committed, where possible, to honouring existing flexible working arrangements for staff who are offered promotions or who are successful in applying for other roles within the School. If you are thinking of applying for another role, you are welcome to mention it to the recruiting manager (either as part of your application or separately) that you currently work a flexible arrangement and would be interested in continuing this pattern in the new role. You won’t be penalised for doing this – in fact, it could be helpful to the recruiting manager if it means that they see other potential ways in which the work could be undertaken or the workload distributed within the team.    

Of course, the usual timeframe for making a flexible working request doesn’t apply if you reach an agreement to work flexibly as part of the appointment process for a new role.


Where can I find out more?

You can find out more about how recruitment works in the School in the Recruitment Toolkit which is also located on the HR webpages.