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Indi Seehra - Director of Human Resources

Indi Seehra is the Director of Human Resources at the London School of Economics and Political Science. Until May 2014, he headed up Human Resources at the University of Cambridge. He was a Fellow of the Judge Business School at Cambridge until March 2016, and is a regular speaker at international conferences. He is also the coordinator of the “SGPC/Cambridge” Scholarship, facilitating students to achieve postgraduate qualifications at the University of Cambridge.

In addition to this, Indi is also the Chair of CRAC (Careers Research and Advisory Council) who run the international Vitae programme for Researchers. Vitae is dedicated to realising the potential of Researchers through transforming their potential and career development.

Indi has held a number of significant private and public sector appointments including HR Director of the Crown Prosecution Service and subsequently the National (previously known as SOCA) Crime Agency. He is an adviser to the International Bar Association's Global Employment Forum and is regularly involved in task groups looking to overcome the barriers to mobility for Researchers. He is a regular speaker on Leadership and Organisational Behaviour and is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

Contact Indi: 020 7849 4664, 



Elisabetta Viotto - Executive Assistant to the Director of Human Resources 

Contact: 0207 852 3659,


Neelam Talewar - Head of HR Operations 

Neelam Talewar is the Head of HR Operations at the London School of Economics and Political Science. She has HR experience in both private and public sector organisations and is skilled in driving and implementing organisational change. She joined LSE in January 2015. She leads the HR Systems Optimisation Programme, which is designed to optimise work flow, and traditional process through the use of technology, as well as coordinating the longer term HR projects designed to improve the organisations capability in managing its people. She also manages recruitment.

Neelam has occupied various roles which have been challenging due to their importance in mitigating reputational damage for the organisation. She holds a Masters in Personnel and Development, and is a chartered member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. Neelam has been instrumental in delivering transformational change within key departments and has forged effective working relationships under some quite challenging circumstances to successfully deliver service improvements.

Contact Neelam: 020 7106 1311,



Lisa Morrow - Head of Policy and Employee Relations 

Lisa Morrow is the Head of Policy and Employee Relations at the London School of Economics and Political Science and has lead HR responsibility for a number of strategic employee relations projects, as well as a range of employee engagement and staff wellbeing activities.  

Her background is in Employee Relations, having worked in this area for ten years prior to moving into Business Partnering. As a result of her experience in these areas, she has been involved in many different strands of HR activity including formal casework, Employment Tribunals, TUPE, performance management training, policy writing and recruitment. 

Lisa also holds a Masters in Human Resources Management and Employment Studies.

Contact Lisa: 020 7852 3666,



Chris Watt - Head of Organisational Learning 

Chris Watt is the Head of Organsational Learning at the London School of Economics and Political Science, Chris is an innovative, learning and development professional who is passionate about the development of people and organisations, with a proven record of achievement.

An accomplished, facilitator, coach, trainer and presenter, he has extensive experience in learning and development forged in both public and private sectors including roles in a FTSE listed bank and well known high street magazine company.  A qualified psychometric practitioner and member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. 

Contact Chris: 020 7955 6205,



Porcia Ossei - Head of HR Partnering

Contact details: 020 7955 7854, 

HR Partners

HR Partners support managers and staff with HR planning and HR related issues in specific areas of the School.

Each Partner works with different areas of the School. To find out who your HR Partner is, please see our departmental allocations document on the right hand side of the page. 



Porcia Ossei - Head of HR Partnering

Contact details: 020 7955 7854, 


Fran Hannan - HR Partner

Contact details: 020 7955 6670,


Sharon Dixon - HR Partner

Contact details: 020 7107 5205,



Sugirtha Damadram - HR Partner 

Contact details: 020 7955 7703,


Suzanne Harry - HR Partner

Contact details: 020 7849 4687 ,


Louise Dokkari - HR Partner

Contact details: 020 7955 7072,


Solmaz Kolahi - Senior HR Adviser (IGC)

Contact details: 020 7106 1139,


HR Policy Team

The HR Policy Team develop and maintain the School’s HR policies alongside managing the joint committees with the School’s trade unions.  The team also undertake a range of strategic project work relating to employee engagement, employee wellbeing and general employee relations.  



Lisa Morrow - Head of Employee Relations 

Lisa has lead HR responsibility for a number of strategic employee relations projects, as well as a range of employee engagement and staff wellbeing activities. This includes responsibility for policy development, union negotiations, leading on the staff survey process and related activity and supporting School-wide EDI initiatives.

Contact details: 020 7852 3666,



Eleni Michael - HR Consultant, Policy Development and Employee Engagement

Contact details: 020 7852 3672, 

Eleni supports project activity relating to the design and delivery of employee engagement and wellbeing initiatives. This includes the School’s staff survey as well as managing the School’s lifestyle and wellbeing platform. Eleni also develops and reviews related HR policies.

Raj_Lakhani Photo2

Raj Lakhani - Senior HR Policy Adviser

Contact details: 020 7852 3584,

Raj is responsible for developing and implementing School staffing policies and initiatives. This includes setting and reviewing the School’s talent management strategies, developing pay and remuneration policies, and updating the School’s contractual terms and conditions. Raj also oversees initiatives for staff that promote physical wellbeing.

KD (cropped)

Kieran Darling - HR Policy Adviser                                                     

Contact details: 020 7955 6545,

Kieran’s role mainly focuses on the drafting, consultation, implementation and review of a wide range of policies. He also provides support throughout the year to a number of projects and initiatives related to staff engagement and wellbeing.


Ludovico Linari - HR Policy Adviser                                                     

Contact details: 020 7955 3734,

Ludovico is the Secretary of the JNICC and JNCC, where agreements are negotiated with the School’s recognised trade unions on all matters that affect the terms and conditions of employment of staff as well as associated policies and procedures. Ludovico is also responsible for coordinating the School’s mediation scheme and supports the team in the drafting and implementation of HR policies.


Review & Promotion Team

The Review and Promotions team supports the delivery of the following Committees and Procedures:  

Appointments Committee, Promotions Committee: (email     

Visiting Appointments, Visiting Professors Standing Selection Committee:                 (Email:          



Nikhil Kalghatgi - HR Manager                                          

Contact details: 020 7955 6367,


Marina Holden - HR Adviser                          

Contact details: 020 7955 6672, 


Hannah Erridge - HR Administrator                           

Contact details: 020 7955 7296, 

Reward Team

The Reward team manages the administration and delivery of the following Committees and Procedures:

Office Holders group, Contribution Pay, Research and Policy Staff Committee: (email:                                                      

Academic and Research Staff Career Development Reviews and Mentoring:                (email:                                                                                      

Annual Performance Reviews:                                                                 (email:



Seema Haria - HR Manager, Reward & Contribution

Contact details: 020 3486 2961,                           


Meeta Bhatt - HR Adviser                               

Works part time on Mondays, Tuesdays & Wednesdays (until 2.00pm each day).          

Contact details: 020 7955 6943,                   


Edina Nadasdi - HR Adviser                                                    

Contact details: 020 7106 1394,  


Immigration & Compliance Team

The Immigration Compliance Team ensures that the School is compliant with UK Visas and Immigration Regulations to maintain the LSE’s Sponsorship Licence.

The team provide information to managers and to new and current staff about how to demonstrate Right to Work in the UK and apply for a Tier 1, Tier 2 or Tier 5 work visa.

The Team also provide general information on other types of UK visas and UK visitor visas.


Sarah Pedder - HR Manager, Compliance and Immigration

Overall responsibility for Compliance and Immigration

Contact details: 020 7955 6303, 


Ciar Mckenna Charley - HR Adviser

Contact details: 020 7955 6074,


Yanli Ji - HR Administrator

Contact details: 020 7107 5331,


HR Operations


Louise Hardcastle - HR Operations Manager

Contact details: 020 7955 6980,


Contact for general HR queries, employment references, interview/visa expenses, bank letters, statements of earnings letters, national insurance applications and set-up of staff training courses and Learn For You applications. 

Charley Servis Photo

Charley Servis - HR Administrator

Contact details: 020 7107 5399, 


Rochelle Ferreira Photo

Rochelle Ferreira - HR Administrator

Contact details: 020 7955 7885,


Vacant - HR Administrator



Juan Du Plessis - HR Operations Coordinator (Hourly/Casual)

Contact details: 020 7107 5028,

Joe Stannard Photo

Joseph Stannard - HR Administrator (Hourly/Casual)

Contact details: 020 7107 5504,

Anuradha Mahey

Anuradha Mahey - HR Administrator (Hourly/Casual)

Contact details: 020 7955 6579,



Leticia Dias - HR Receptionist

Contact details: 020 3486 2944

or call the main Reception Telephone on: 020 7955 6659

HR Advisers

Contact your HR Adviser for advice and guidance on recruitment matters, family friendly benefits, occupational health and sickness absence.   

Jess Picture

Jessica Cleary - HR Adviser

Contact details: 020 7955 6217,


Ese Agboiyi - HR Adviser (on maternity leave)

Contact details: 020 7955 6183, 


Christina Tagliarini - HR Adviser (on maternity leave)

Contact details: 020 7955 7782,


Cynthia Maxwell -  HR Adviser

Contact details: 020 7955 2943,




Nadia Abubakar - HR Adviser (maternity cover)

Contact details: 020 7955 7782, 


Monika Rodney - HR Adviser (maternity cover)

Contact details: 020 7955 6183, 


HR Information & Systems

The HR Information & Systems team strategically coordinates the provision and maintenance of high quality management information and HR Systems, to meet both the objectives of the HR Division and the wider School.



Mohammad Rehman - HR Information and Systems Consultant

Contact details: 020 7955 6339,


Rachel Hope - HR Manager 

Contact details: 020 7955 6339,


Anna Cavender - HR Analyst 

Contact details: 020 7955 7172, 



Susana Jimenez Chaparro - HR Systems Administrator 

Contact details: 020 7955 7108,


Craig Quinn - Senior HR Analyst 

Contact details: 020 7955 7536,


The Pensions Team are here to assist you with any pensions related questions.The team can be contacted at



Michael Peters - HR Manager, Pension Benefits

Enquiries relating to pensions tax allowances, USS retirement planning and pension policy.

Contact details: 020 7106 1131,


Rhys Clarke - Senior Pensions & Payroll Administrator

Enquiries relating to the administration of the Schools’ pension schemes including auto-enrolment and additional contribution queries, retirement or transfer requests and general benefit enquiries.

Contact details: 020 7955 7595,

Organisational Learning

The Organisational Learning team provide a full range of learning and development support for staff. 

The team designs, manages and evaluates the core training programme, Learn for You, external funding budget, Flying Start, the induction programme for Professional Services Staff and coaching support. The team also undertake a range of strategic project and bespoke work relating to learning and development. 



Chris Watt - Head of Organisational Learning

Key contact for: Leadership and Management Development, Talent Management, Career Development Review, Coaching.

Contact details: 020 7955 6205,

As Head of OL, Chris is responsible for the strategic direction of the School’s learning and development offer for staff, leadership development, and the core development programme for research staff. Chris also leads on training and development for the Division, coaching initiatives and sourcing external funding. 

ALbina LSE 6

Albina Shashyna - Organisational Learning Manager

Contact details: 020 7107 5292,

Albina is responsible for the strategic direction of the School’s management and leadership development, effective use of the apprenticeship levy and professional services (PS) career development. 

Albina works on a range of initiatives such as Communities of Practice, LSE coaching provision, Staff Voice engagement sessions, as well as the design and delivery of team building and strategic away days. Albina also supports the provision of EDI training and the development of the HR Division.

 laura jenkins webpage

Laura Jenkins - Organisational Learning Project Officer

Contact details: 020 7955 6949,

Laura’s responsibilities include the School’s mentoring programme, project support and coordinating the Flying Start Induction.

Amy mamawag

Amy Mamawag - HR Organisational Learning Administrator

Contact details: 020 7849 4699,

Amy’s responsibilities include Learn For You, the VIP Awards, Flying Start Induction, external funding, managing the team’s inbox (, and administering the training programme for staff. 

 helen roberts webpage

Helen Roberts - Organisational Learning Team Leader

Contact details:

Helen is responsible for managing the team's operational processes for the core programme and monitoring the impact of the learning and development support provided to staff. Helen also works on a range of staff development projects, including leadership and management programmes and the People Management Toolkit. Helen also manages the Professional Services Staff Conference.

 tashanna dalling webpage

Tash Dalling - Organisational Learning Programme Coordinator (secondment)

Contact details: 020 7106 1313,

Tash's responsibilities include the coordination of Organisational Learning programmes including Apprenticeships and the Mentoring Scheme. Tash also supports on other projects within and outside the Division.