Month 3

This is a crucial milestone as it’s time for the interim review period halfway meeting.

This is an opportunity to take stock of how your new starter has been developing and celebrate the successes they have so far achieved in their role.

This is also the time to look at where they can continue to develop and what support you need to provide for them to do so.

Things to check by the end of month three are in the checklist for this period below. 



Developing in role

Continue with regular check-ins to discuss how the new starter is adjusting to the role, if they need any additional support or development opportunities and what you can do as a manager to support them through the induction process.

Keep an open-door policy. Though many employees feel well integrated by now, communicate that you are available for questions and clarifications on any matter.

Ask the employee for feedback on their induction so far – what worked well, what could be improved or if they have any ideas for how new employees could be better settled in.

Carry out three-month review meeting against the objectives set in month 1.

Assessment at this point should be formal, structured and constructive. Contact your HR partner if you are unsure whether the employee is suitable for the role - you can extend the review period if the contract permits and/or the employee agrees.

Review objectives, targets and deadlines following the interim review meeting to ensure the new starter is set up for the next three months – reaffirm or adjust them if circumstances are changing.


Learning, development, and support

Continue supporting the new starter through the role specific induction, and plan in any additional training they may need.

Support the new starter in working through their learning and development action plan; adjusting as needed.

Ensure that all the school-wide induction training and the Flying start induction are complete and attended.

Signpost your new starter to training options that will further support them in their role and also in their personal and professional development. 


Staff manager checklist

If your new starter is a staff manager, make sure that:

  • that the person has completed the LSE Manager programme.
  • the new manager has read and understands all the policy and procedure relevant to their role.