The Values in Practice Awards

an opportunity to commend your professional services colleagues

Do you know an individual or team within the Professional Services staff community at LSE who has shown outstanding contribution or commitment to the School? If yes, then read on…

What are the Values in Practice Awards?

At LSE, we recognise and value the contributions of Professional Services staff - they are essential to the LSE community and have a positive impact on our School.

The Values in Practice Awards (also known as the VIP Awards!) were set up to provide an opportunity to celebrate Professional Services staff who have shown outstanding contribution or commitment to the School. Now it’s your chance to celebrate such colleagues for the positive effect they have on you and others. Sounds like an individual or a team you know?

We want to hear from you about people whose work you think is worthy of particular recognition. You don’t have to be a line manager to nominate someone for a VIP award  you just need to nominate individuals or teams who you think should be recognised.

There are a variety of categories, all designed to be open and inclusive and you can nominate as many people and teams as you like. To make it as easy as possible, the nomination form is short, simple and straightforward to complete. 

The next Values in Practice will be held on Wednesday, 21 February 2024

Nominate your colleagues

All the information is below, but if you have any further questions or comments, please contact us at



1. Valuing People

My colleague makes me, and others, feel respected and appreciated at LSE.

  • They help me, and others, achieve our potential - professionally and personally.
  • They recognise my contribution and thank me and others for all that we do.
  • At the heart of the team, they ensure that everyone understands the value of each other’s input and that we celebrate our successes together.

2. Creative Innovator

My colleague is a creative innovator because they inspire me to think of the bigger picture.

  • They are proactive and passionate about continuing to improve LSE, fostering an environment of creation and innovation where the exchange of views and opinions are actively encouraged.
  • Committed to ongoing development, my colleague has the confidence to try new things, learn from mistakes and take responsibility when they need to.
  • My colleague makes me feel that anything is possible at LSE.

3. Student Experience Ambassador

My colleague is an amazing ambassador because they are passionate about our educational environment and make the LSE experience the best it can be for all students.

  • They recognise and support student needs, no matter how diverse, and everything they do helps to create an inclusive culture rooted in excellence.
  • Enhancing experiences is their absolute priority and they are committed to working in genuine partnership with students to improve.
  • They inspire and empower students in their own development, helping them achieve their full potential at LSE, both inside and outside of the classroom.

4. Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Champion

My colleague is an EDI Champion because they are passionate about creating an LSE for everyone.

  • They actively work to make our office more inclusive and welcoming workplace in their everyday goals and behaviour.
  • Inspired to make a difference, my colleague consistently helps to improve staff equity, diversity and inclusion.­
  • They regularly engage with School initiatives relating to equity, diversity and inclusion and make me feel connected too.

5. Sustainability Champion

 My colleague contributes to reducing our environmental impacts and creating a sustainable LSE.

  • They take active steps to reduce their own environmental impacts (e.g. Printing less, using a reusable cup), and encourage others to do so in an engaging way and inclusive way.
  • They regularly engage with the School's sustainability initiatives and raise awareness of sustainability with colleagues and others (e.g.Students, suppliers).
  • They create a sustainable LSE by embedding environmental sustainability in the delivery of theor role, or supporting one of the 6 themes of our Sustainability Strategic Plan (Education, Research, Investment, Engagement and Leadership, Collaboration, Our School).

6. Research Support Advocate

My colleague is a research support advocate because they are passionate about creating the best environment for all to conduct research and innovation at LSE.

  • They enhance the experience of researchers, policy staff and academics through exceptional support for research.
  • They work with others across the School to connect ideas and opportunities to unit research support.
  • They inspire others to make LSE research inclusive, accessible and impactful.

Working together

7.  Outstanding Collegiality

I’m nominating my colleague because I love to work with them.

  • They take the time to listen and engage with everyone to properly understand their needs.
  • My colleague is always there to give advice, encouragement, support and help when it’s needed, especially during periods of setbacks and change.
  • They’re always getting involved in School-wide activities and developments and often bring together different colleagues, students and/or external groups to make our community collaborative and dynamic.
  • They support and promote staff wellbeing

8. Exceptional Team Member

My colleague is an absolute hero!

  • We love having them on board because they make such a difference to our team, and they consistently provide exceptional support to other teams and/or students.
  • They are someone I can always count on to take responsibility and do a great job.
  • My colleague makes me feel valued and excited to be part of our team.

9. Unsung Hero

My colleague consistently performs to an exceptional standard or goes above what is expected in their role, but whose work may not always be visible to many. 

  • My colleague will go above and beyond to help another colleague/team.
  • They will take on additional duties and will go the extra mile without seeking any credit or praise.
  • They are always friendly and always apprecited to be around.
  • The School wouldn't be the same without their contribution.
  • This person works quietly and consistenly delivers above expectations.
  • My colleagues focuses on the goals and collective, rather than on themselves.

10. Working Together - Team of the Year

This team are collaborative, creative and constructive, working well together and with others.

  • They often seek feedback, best practice and expertise from others, and create opportunities to join up other teams and initiatives around the School.
  • They encourage new ways of thinking, forming networks to enable knowledge sharing and the development of new ideas.
  • Mutual respect, open-mindedness, accountability and transparency are at the heart of what they do.

LSE Leaders

11.  Excellent Manager

My manager is my coach and my mentor.

  • They encourage me to take ownership of projects and tasks to help me develop my skills, and to turn mistakes into learning opportunities.
  • I feel empowered to take personal responsibility over my work, and my manager takes time to celebrate my success and give praise.
  • They are transparent and consistent in their decision-making and inspire me to do my best every day.
  • They support and promote staff wellbeing

12. Inspirational Leadership

This leader is inspirational because they make me feel proud to work in my department/division at LSE.

  • They act with integrity, honesty and transparency in everything they do.
  • They are a champion of collaboration across the School, and foster an inclusive environment which values equality of opportunity, respect and diversity.
  • Most importantly, they are a positive role model who makes time to listen and encourages others.
  • They support and promote staff wellbeing

13. President and Vice Chancellor’s Award

This award is chosen by LSE’s Vice Chancellor and President from the nominations received in all other categories to honour an outstanding member of staff who should be recognised for their contribution to our School.


Full guidance for the Values in Practice Awards is available here.

The nomination process

Nominating a colleague is very simple and as follows:

  • Nominations must be made using the online nomination form
  • Fill in your details - just in case we need to ask you additional questions
  • Under the relevant category, name the colleague(s) and give your reason for nominating them
  • You can nominate in one or all of the categories
  • Press submit!
  • Click here to start nominating - the deadline for submissions is 5.30pm on Friday, 12 January 2024 .


The awards

The winners will be chosen by a judging panel made up of representatives across the School and chaired by Joanne Hay, Deputy Chief Operating Officer.

All nominated individuals and teams will be invited to the event that is scheduled to take place in-person on 21 February 2024, where we will celebrate everyone’s achievements and the winners will be announced.

Photos from the Values in Practice Awards 2022-23 can be accessed here.

Take a look at the previous events on our Flickr page here.