Professional wellbeing

How wellbeing is embedded in your role

prioritising wellbeing throughout the workplace

On this page, you can find more information about how LSE will make sure that wellbeing is prioritised throughout the workplace culture that you experience as a member of the staff community. We want to make sure that your 'professional wellbeing' is embedded in both the everyday life and formal processes of the School. Read on to see what this means for the employment experience at LSE. 

Ways of working

Especially in these times, we understand that a little flexibility in terms of your work-life balance can go a long way to promoting better wellbeing. Our Flexible Working Toolkit will take you through the process of how flexible working is requested (and approved), as well as guiding you through some of the typical arrangements that are currently going on around the School. Blended working has also been an important contributor to work-life balance and overall wellbeing by enabling teams to mix on- and off-campus working throughout the working week. 

Professional development

Wellbeing discussions are a fundamental part of regular one-to-one catch-ups with your manager, as well as being built into the School's Career Development Review (CDR) process. 

Dignity and respect at work

We believe that being treated (and treating others) with dignity and respect at work is central to the professional wellbeing of staff. The School's Dignity at Work Statement is part of a range of measures to promote an enabling and inclusive environment among the staff community.