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a handy reference for the latest in wellbeing

This page is a handy reference for the latest in wellbeing: articles, top wellbeing tips, guidance for managers, and more.  

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February 2024

Winning by giving: succeeding through kindness

Celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Day: do something special for those around you


January 2024

Setting personal goals that work: get 2024 off to a flying start


December 2023

The power of a life audit: how to take stock and embrace change


November 2023

Ten dos and don'ts of difficult conversations: tips for tackling tricky conversations

11 tips for mind and body: how self-care can boost your wellbeing


October 2023

Face the fear: getting back to in-person communication


September 2023

Top tips for developing personal resilience: discover ways to develop and improve your personal resilience

How to build your personal resilience: top tips for developing tenacity

Resilience, avoidance and identity: an introduction to Manson's Law of Avoidance

Invisible illness in the workplace: the truth about invisible illnesses


July 2023

The Anxious Achiever: an expert interview to help rethink mental health and work


June 2023

Love the one that you're with: show yourself a little more love

How to fit in exercise: making time for your physical wellbeing

How to manage when values clash: working together despite different beliefs


May 2023

Working well with others: top tips to help you forge positive working relationships

Building stronger relationships at work: how to get along with the people you work with

3 reasons why work friends are important: the benefits of having a bestie at work

Top tips for working from home: ways to remain productive and energised


February 2023

How to manage your time better: the top time thieves and how to beat them


January 2023

Life priorities: a time management exercise

Say yes to the person, no to the task: how to set boundaries in a positive way


November 2022

How to be happy: the GREAT DREAM model


October 2022

Develop my confidence: how confidence can increase your personal impact

Developing assertiveness: how it can help to develop your confidence and influencing skills

8 ways to prioritise your professional development: making time for your own learning

Top tips for confident communication: how you can use your verbal and non-verbal communication skills to make a positive impact

How to handle workload peaks: ways to maintain your effectiveness when things get busy


September 2022

The road to resilience: what resilience is and how to develop an action plan to improve your own resilience


June 2022

How to deal with difficult people: strategies and techniques to tackle negative behaviour

Seven savvy ways to sort your work-life balance: advice, tips and key facts to help you strike the right balance


May 2022

Five ways to boost your brain power: how to apply neuroscience in the workplace

Top tips for staying focused: if you have trouble concentrating in a world of distractions, these tips will help you to shut out the world and focus


April 2022

Practical mindfulness: learn how to live in the moment, increasing your focus and attention

How to be more patient: how to slow down, reduce stress and focus

Centering: maintaining focus in stressful situations

Managing in a VUCA world: coping strategies for turbulent times


February 2022

Mutual respect: bringing humanity and fairness to work


January 2022

Dealing with money worries at work: it's time to talk financial stress and wellbeing

Clearing your mind: appreciating the 'here and now' 

Meditation for stress management: simple meditation techniques


December 2021

How to beat hurry sickness: 10 ways to overcome constant panic and rush


November 2021

How to increase your visibility: get yourself noticed for all the right reasons at work


October 2021

Back in the office? Bring your emotional intelligence: tips to help you manage the transition

Don't panic! How to cope with the unexpected

How to be happy in the new normal: expert views on coping during times of uncertainty


September 2021

How to make the most of hybrid working: getting the most out of hybrid working


August 2021

Stop the spread of presenteeism: are you showing up for the sake of it? 

Winning by giving: succeeding through kindness

Mutual respect: bringing humanity and fairness to work

Commit a random act of kindness: show your colleagues you care on World Friendship Day


July 2021

Stay strong in uncertain times: five ways to perform under pressure

How to apologise at work: saying sorry for a mistake

How to avoid feeling overwhelmed at work: see how to avoid overwhelm with the Control Influence Accept model


May 2021

Meditation for stress management: simple meditation techniques

Ten dos and don'ts of difficult conversations: tips for tackling difficult conversations

Using affirmations: how to improve your self-esteem through the power of positive thinking


April 2021

All in the mind: ten tips to improve your mental health and wellbeing


February 2021

Seven screen-free ways to work and learn: how to avoid screen fatigue and improve performance


January 2021

The science of a good night's sleep: tips to make the most of your kip


November 2020

Moody leaders: and how not to be one

Great work relationships: how to get on well with your colleagues

Lockdown reads: inspiring books to get you through lockdown - and beyond

Introverts and extroverts working from home: paradise or purgatory? 


October 2020

All in the mind: ten tips to improve your mental health and wellbeing

Dealing with anxiety: understanding and managing anxious thoughts

Dealing with rude customers: staying in control during confrontations

You need a holiday! Seven reasons you should be taking your annual leave


September 2020

I'm back at work! Returning to the workplace after a leave of absence

How to Be Flexible in the Workplace: Responding to change quickly and positively 


July 2020

Break free from boredom: using escape games to strengthen team skills

Nine smart ways to use your dead time


June 2020

How to fit in exercise: making time for your physical wellbeing

What's your Ikigai? Finding meaning in work and life

Post-traumatic growth: gratitude and growth in hard times

Clearing your mind: appreciating the 'here and how'


May 2020

Being green at home - how to be more 'eco' when working from home


April 2020

Maintaining yourself for peak performance


March 2020

Coping with uncertainty

The science of a good night's sleep


February 2020

The highs and lows of self-esteem


October 2019

The road to resilience

How to de-stress at work 


September 2019

Eight signs of stress you can't ignore

Tips for improving the psychological wellbeing of your team

Mental health M.O.T.

Assessing wellbeing at work

How to promote wellbeing at work

Top tips for good mental health

Wellbeing at work checklist

Surviving or thriving?

The real impact of sleep deprivation in the workplace

Mental health in the workplace