Eyesight tests for VDU users

Eyesight tests for VDU users

The School has a duty to provide an eyesight test, or cost towards an eye test, for employees who habitually use display screen equipment as a significant part of their normal working hours.

The maximum amount of money that can be claimed for an eyesight test is £10.00. If corrective lenses/glasses are needed for VDU work then the School will meet £60 of the cost. Employees can claim for an eyesight test once every two years, or more frequently if recommended by their optician.

Users have the choice of using any Optical Express Opticians or their own optician.

Procedure for using Optical Express Opticians

You will need to come to the HR reception desk to ask for an Optical Express voucher, which will entitle you to a free eyesight test, the normal charge is £10 (you do not need to hand over any money or claim the money back at a later date, just show them your staff ID card and the voucher). If you require further information, please contact us on 6659.

If an eyesight test shows that you need corrective lenses for VDU use the School will pay £60 towards the price of purchase. This will be taken off the price of glasses at the time of purchase if purchased at Optical Express. Again there is no need to claim the money back at a later date.

Procedure for using other opticians

If you wish to claim reimbursement for the cost of an eyesight test or for corrective glasses/lenses purchased for VDU use please follow the instructions below:

  1. Please get your optician to complete the top half of the eyesight test/lenses claim form [PDF], which states that:
  2. an eye examination and the appropriate VDU eyesight test has been carried out, (see footnote on form for further details).
  3. correction of sight when using a display screen, or middle distance glasses are necessary/not necessary (as appropriate).
  4. Please complete the second half of the form stating the amount paid for the eyesight test and/or lenses.
  5. Please scan the completed form together with the receipt for your sight test and/or lenses to Humanresources@lse.ac.uk. We will process your claim on OneFinance on your behalf. You will receive an email from OneFinance asking you to approve the claim submitted. Please ensure you approve it on OneFinance to confirm your claim.  

Please call 020 7955 6659 if you have any further queries regarding this procedure.