Heidi Plus

About Heidi Plus

Heidi Plus is a business intelligence service for UK higher education institutions. It provides an online data visualisation and analytics tool (operated by Jisc) that contains a large quantity of sector data. This can be used by registered users to create reports allowing them to benchmark their own institution with other institutions across the sector.

Heidi Plus includes over ten years of Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) data from a wide range of statutory returns – including HESA Student, HESA Staff and HESA Estates, amongst others – and is updated on a regular basis.

Registered users can connect to this data to create their own Tableau workbooks within the online service. Workbooks allow users to quickly create custom tables and graphs by dragging and dropping variables onto a worksheet. There are also pre-developed Jisc dashboards within the “dashboard centre” to support common sector queries.


Access to Heidi Plus

Heidi Plus has three levels of access, based on the legitimate business reason, known as user roles:

  • Bronze User role: Access to pre-populated dashboards, in which all counts of students, staff and leavers are rounded. Adequate for most users who require summary information.
  • Silver User role: Access to detailed datasets without confidentiality implications, such as finance data, estates record data and data from the HE Business Community Interaction survey. Also grants access to bronze data. Suitable for staff who need to regularly access underlying data or the ability to create dashboards.
  • Gold User role: Access to detailed, individualised data sets on students, leavers and staff. Also grants access to silver and bronze data. Requires completion of a mandatory data protection training session.

Planning Division is responsible for providing staff with access to Heidi Plus and Gary Barclay is the lead contact for Heidi Plus at the School.

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Data Protection Training

Staff requesting a Gold User role will need to complete mandatory data protection training sessions before access is granted. If you require a Gold User role, please
contact Gary Barclay in the first instance.

The training sessions are delivered online by HESA and the School via the Cyber Security Awareness Training course on Moodle. Refresher training also must be taken every two years.