Meet the team

School Secretary


School Secretary
Louise Nadal

Tel. 020 7849 4959 |

Louise's role is to manage all legal compliance and governance activities on behalf of the School, to act as Secretary to the Council and clerk of the Court of Governors, providing active support to the Director in relation to these matters and on the strategic management of the School, as well as undertaking any projects the School Director may require.

Executive Assistant
Monica Haile-Selassie

Monica's role is to provide support to the School Secretary in terms of coordinating the Secretary's schedule and arranging contract signings.  Monica is also the secretary to the Information Governance Management Board (IGMB) and the Prevent Group.

Governance Team


Hilary Hunter - Head of Governance Services

Hilary leads the Governance team and supports the work of members as well as Council and their committees. She also administers the framework of governance documents.  Hilary is secretary to Council, Finance and Estates Committee and Governance Committee.  


Katie Crystal - Governance and Ethics Manager

The Governance and Ethics Manager supports the continued strategic development and delivery of high-quality governance and ethical arrangements at the School. Katie is the School’s strategic and operational ethical lead, manages the School’s internal audit provision, and is secretary to the Audit Committee and Investments Sub-Committee.


Lyndsay Galpin - Governance Officer

Lyndsay provides support for acacemic governance at the School, as secretary to Academic Board, Academic Nominations Committee and Honorary Awards Committee.  Lyndsay is also secretary to Ethics Management Board (EMB) and External Funding Ethical Review Board (EFERB).  


Hannah Meissenheimer - Compliance and Assurance Officer 

The Compliance and Assurance Officer develops, maintains and delivers compliance and assurance activities/projects on behalf of the School. In doing so, Hannah works closely with the Head of Governance and Governance and Ethics Manager to support the broader strategic development and delivery of high-quality governance and ethical arrangements at the School.  

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Legal Team


Head of Legal Team
Kevin Haynes BA(Hons) MA
Tel. 020 79557823 |

Kevin's background is in compliance, regulation, complaints and litigation. He is responsible for the School’s Legal Team, which deals with student complaints, litigation and misconduct cases, dispute resolution, contracts and other legal agreements, Data Protection and Freedom of Information, ethics, insurance, Intellectual Property, records management and the School’s relationship with external providers of legal services.


Senior Legal Counsel
Refel Ismail LLB (Hons), LLM 
Tel:020 7955 6171 |

Refel is a qualified Solicitor with a Master of Laws (LLM) in International Law. She has several years of experience working in private practice, within the legal section of a Government Department and the Council. Additionally, she has worked within the legal team of  a charity and a non-governmental organisation on a pro bono basis.  Prior to joining the London School of Economics and Political Science, she was the Head of Legal Affairs at an Embassy in London.

Refel is currently responsible for dealing with various legal matters,  preparing, advising and amending various contracts and other types of agreements, advising and dealing with student cases, complaints and disciplinary matters, litigation and dispute resolution, Intellectual property issues, data protection, insurance and updating and developing various policies and procedures of the School.


Legal Counsel
Mariachiara Valsecchi, LLM

Tel: 020 7106 1919

Mariachiara is a double qualified lawyer, a qualified solicitor since 2017 and holds an LLM degree in International Business Law. She has more than 15 years’ experience in private practice in Italy (Milan and Rome), where she specialised in banking and business law by advising large banking institutions and companies, and managing complex litigation. She then extended her legal expertise into employment and contract law and copyright. Mariachiara joined LSE in January 2021 as a legal counsel. She regularly reviews and drafts contracts, grants and other legal agreements. She deals with students’ complaints and disciplinary matters; advises on Intellectual Property and Data Protection enquiries, and works closely with the rest of her Team for the development of the School’s Policies and Procedures. 


Information and Records Manager
Rachael Maguire
BSc LLM (Information Rights Law) GDip (Information Services)
Tel: 020 7849 4622 |

Rachael is the School's Data Protection Officer (DPO) and responsible for records management, managing FoI and DPA requests, managing DPA queries and compliance, developing policies, procedures, briefings, training materials and guidelines relating to records management and information rights. She is the Chair of the Information Management Steering Group. Rachael is a member of the Information Governance Management Board, Research Data Management Working Group and other groups as DPO, including leading the Data Protection Champions network.


Information and Records Management Assistant

Bhavika Dhanak-Jodha 
BA (Hons) 
Tel: 020 7107 5687 |

Bhavika manages Freedom of Information Requests and Data Protection Act requests. She also helps Rachael where needed for other day to day activities. 


Audit and Insurance Officer

Sarah Anou

Sarah is responsible for coordinating internal audit activity and insurance within the School. She has audit and risk experience in the HE and healthcare sectors, as well as experience in project management. 


Head of International Compliance (IGC)
Melissa Nicholson
Tel: 020 7955 6144 |

Melissa has overall responsibility within the LSE for monitoring and managing all compliance and governance related requirements related to the School’s registered international entities and the International Growth Centre (IGC) activities in its countries of operation. She is responsible for international risk and security management; international tax, registration, and regulatory compliance (T&RC) and related due diligence for the IGC activities and programmes. She has expert knowledge of international regulatory and ethical compliance matters, due diligence,  risk management and safeguarding.