Assistance with Programme Review

The LSE is undertaking a School-wide review of undergraduate programmes in 2017/2018. The review, which has been designed to enhance the student learning experience at the School, is based on three key principles: programme coherence, assessment diversification and course rationalisation.

Departments have been asked, in collaboration with students, to review all their undergraduate programmes in light of the above principles and assess what changes, if any, should be made. 

Below you will find regular updates about the Undergraduate Programme Review and related material.

Access all important Programme Review documents and further information here. 

The Undergraduate Programme Review Process at LSE

Prog Review FC v4

Latest News

  • Looking for insights into assessment diversification? This chapter from the forthcoming book “Designing undergraduate curriculum” (edited by Eeva Leinenon and Romy Lawson), provides a helpful and comprehensive study of assessment and programme design:
  • Interested in finding out more about the Programme Review process, including next steps? Take a look at the latest Programme Review update, which was circulated to departments on 15 January 2018. .
  • Since Michaelmas term, the Programme Review team has been continuing to work with its student partners; the students have been working on mini-research projects around student experience at LSE and presented the findings at a meeting on 25 January 2018. A training session also took place for the student partners on 25 January 2018 to brief them on the upcoming panel dialogue meetings, including their role within these.


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