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What we do and who we are

There are many things that make LSE truly exceptional – its intellectual firepower, its openness to the world, and that it is home to people from all backgrounds and outlooks who come together around ideas that excite and inspire them
Dame Minouche Shafik

Our Mission Statement

The Global Academic Engagement team coordinates the School’s global engagement with core academic partners, working closely with academic departments and service divisions to deliver on LSE 2030 priorities tied to double/dual degrees and strategic programmes. We provide a platform for LSE academics to further their collaborative teaching and research addressing the most pressing global issues. 

How we can help you 

We facilitate cooperation with leading institutions in globally relevant locations and assess new prospective partners. Our aim is to broaden the School’s academic portfolio through teaching – including dual/double degrees, PhD mobility, and jointly branded summer schools–, and to create innovative opportunities for our students and alumni who are navigating increasingly globalised job markets.

Widening the range of our expertise, promoting collaborative world-class research and addressing the most pressing global issues is part of our mission.

If you are interested in exploring LSE’s partnership and collaborations with universities across the world, please contact us at global@lse.ac.uk

Please note that the Global Academic Engagement Team is working flexibly and across different timezones. We will respond to all your queries by email. If you would like to speak to one of us, let us know and we will be happy to arrange a chat online or on campus. 

Meet the Global Academic Engagement Team


Dr Brendan Smith

Director of East Asia and Global Academic Engagement

Brendan leads on all aspects of the division's engagement in North and South East Asia. He also oversees the Global Academic Engagement team, which manages the School's academic partnerships around the world.

Email: b.p.smith1@lse.ac.uk  





Global Academic Engagement Manager  (Mobility and Partnerships) 

(Currently vacant)





Mengxi Pang
Dr Mengxi Pang

Global Academic Engagement Manager (Research and Alliances)

Main responsibilities: development and management, in collaboration with other teams at LSE, of new academic projects, particularly around research/research related, through partnerships with universities, network and alliances.

Email: m.pang2@lse.ac.uk



Delphine Benezet Resized

Dr Delphine Bénézet

Global Engagement Coordinator

Main responsibilities: promotion and development of partnership activities relating to student and faculty mobility (exchange) schemes; coordination of the School’s membership of CIVICA (the European University of Social Sciences). Liaison, communication and administrative activities in support of the School’s global academic engagement and LSE 2030.

Email: d.benezet@lse.ac.uk  



Helen Rosemont

European Partnerships Coordinator

 Main responsabilities: Coordination of the School’s membership of CIVICA (the European University of Social Sciences). Liaison, communication and administrative activities in support of CIVICA.

Email: h.v.rosemont@lse.ac.uk 




International Summer School Administrator

(Currently vacant)


International Summer School Assistant

(Currently vacant)

Email: lse.pku.summerschool@lse.ac.uk


Meet some of the other people involved in our activities 

Meet some of the LSE faculty involved in the LSE-PKU Summer School

Professor Qiwei Yao is a Distinguished Visiting Professor at Guanghua School of Management at PKU and he works in the Department of Statistics at LSE. He is a leading expert in high-dimensional time series analysis and nonlinear time series analysis and teaches one of our most popular courses on Big Data.  

Listen to him talking about his research in this short video: 

Time Series and Big Data Time Series and Big Data

Dr Timothy Hildebrandt is an Associate Professor in the Department of Social Policy teaches Policy Innovation in Contemporary China: From 'Big Society' to Social Credit Scores on the LSE-PKU Summer School. If you're interested in learming about social inequalities and demographic challenges in China over the past thirty years, watch this short video:

LSE PKU Course Tim Hildebrandt LSE PKU Course Tim Hildebrandt