Promoting NSS to students

The Internal Communications Team has provided materials to all departments with undergraduate students. If you require additional materials please contact

It is well-evidenced that LSE students trust departmental academics as sources of information and advice on matters beyond the focus of their academic studies. So if you work with final year undergraduate students please encourage them to complete the survey when it goes live on 10 February 2020. However, please note that IPSOS MORI (the research company) has strict guidance around what can and can't be included in promotion to avoid ‘inappropriate influence’.

Inappropriate influence

Staff can only encourage eligible students to complete the survey and highlight how feedback has been used in the past. Staff are not allowed to monitor or encourage students to answer the survey in a particular way.

IPSOS MORI guidelines state that staff cannot:

  • Explicitly instruct students on how to complete the survey by explaining the meanings of questions, the NSS scale, or recommending students respond in a certain way.
  • Link the NSS to league tables, job prospects, promotional activities and the perceived value of students’ degrees. Institutions are not permitted to tell students that if their courses do not achieve good satisfaction scores, this will make their degrees look bad to future employers.
  • Compare the NSS scale to other scales with different purposes, i.e. assignment marking schemes.
  • Go through the survey with students individually, or take them through their responses question-by-question.
  • Make it a requirement or pressure students to attend dedicated NSS sessions or indicate the NSS is compuslory.

If you have any questions please contact Carly Norton, Student Communications Manager.