Accessing Digitary CORE

How to sign in to Digitary CORE to access your LSE transcript(s)

Digitary Core is LSE’s chosen platform for electronic transcript delivery, and the place where all degree and Summer School students will have their transcript issued to when they complete their programme. This replaces as of June 2021.

Digitary CORE has replaced Digitary Classic that any graduates prior to 2020/21 may have accessed at You can no longer access your documents at, as they have all been migrated to Digitary CORE.

Students using Digitary CORE will not only be able to access their LSE documents, but any documents issued to you by other institutions that who are also on the Digitary platform.

Students who previously used Digitary Classic (

If you ever accessed your transcript in Digitary Classic ( you can no longer access it here but can now access it through Digitary CORE. The following groups would have accessed their transcripts on Digitary Classic:

  • Degree students who graduated between 2010/11 and 2019/20
  • Degree students who graduated in or after 1993/94 and before 2010/11 who received a digital copy of their transcript after 2010.
  • Summer School students who completed their programmes between 2012 and 2021.

Using Digitary CORE for the First Time

On your first visit to Digitary CORE, you will need to register an account to access your document.

To access Digitary CORE for the first time you will need to know the latest personal email address you supplied to LSE and use this to go through the password reset process.

Then enter the personal email address you most recently supplied to LSE on the next page. Please note that this is very unlikely to be an email address ending in, and instead is likely to be a personal account such as Gmail or Hotmail, or whichever non-LSE email address you told us about most recently.

If you are unsure of what email address this might be or no longer have access to this email address, please contact LSE Student Services if you need access to your degree transcript or contact LSE Summer School for Summer School transcripts.

Please note that if you register an account with an email address not previously known to LSE, your documents won't be visible and you will need to contact LSE Student Services or LSE Summer School to gain access.

Create a Digitary Core account

Students who have used Digitary Core previously

If you already have a Digitary CORE account, either because you have already registered one to access your LSE documents or because you have registered an account to access documents from another Higher Education Institution, use the link below to sign in.

If you can't remember your Digitary CORE password, use the 'Can't sign in' option on the login page and follow the instructions to reset your password.

Sign into Digitary Core

Students who have not used Digitary before

Any student receiving either a degree or Summer School transcript from LSE for the first time will receive an email once the document has been generated containing instructions on how to register. This is likely to be a few weeks after you have completed your programme.

You will be emailed on whichever email address you have specified as your personal contact address. To ensure that you receive your invitation at an appropriate email address, please make sure your contact details are up to date.

Update your contact details