Contacting alumni

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Involving alumni in SU society events

LSE alumni make up the largest part of the School's community. A lifelong network of over 100,000 alumni from 190 countries, LSE's alumni are always keen to return to campus and relive their time at the School. Engaging in student activities, particularly those organised by SU societies, is something that is of particular interest to alumni.

So if you're looking for speakers, especially for career-based events, why not consider alumni as part of your panel? Or if you're planning a panel discussion, career or networking event and would like alumni to attend as guests, why not invite them?

How we can help you find alumni as speakers for events

  • Email us with full details of the event, including the date, location and promotional details. Be sure to allow enough time to find a speaker - we normally advise approaching alumni at least six weeks in advance.
  • Please also provide thoughts on the speaker you would like to have at your event. For example, the field of industry they work in, level of their career, or course they studied. If you have a preferred speaker in mind please tell us their name.
  • We will get in touch with the potential speaker on your behalf, and if they are available to speak at your event we will put them in touch with you so you can liaise directly with them in relation to the event.
  • After the event, let us know how it went.

Of course, if you already have a direct link with an alumnus/a, you can personally invite them to attend the event or be a speaker – but we would be grateful to be kept informed, so we're aware of the link for future reference.

How we can help you invite alumni as attendees at events

  • The alumni events calendar features events taking place on campus and those organised by our international and special interest groups. We can include your event on the calendar so it's available to all alumni.
  • We are also able to publicise your event on the Alumni Association feeds on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.
  • The Alumni Echo, our email newsletter, goes out once a month in term time and has an 'Alumni Events' section, listing forthcoming events for all alumni. View the latest version on LSE Alumni, the online alumni community.
  • We can sometimes send a tailored email to particular alumni groups or alumni of a particular academic department/centre (with permission of group leader or department/centre manager)
  • Make sure you allow enough time for alumni to respond to event invitations - we would recommend at least three weeks.

Liaison with alumni groups

There are over 70 international special interest alumni groups worldwide and many will also have representations within the student body. We encourage LSESU societies to link up with their alumni counterparts and some have already built strong and mutually beneficial relationships with alumni groups.

For a full list of alumni groups and contact details, please see the groups section on LSE Alumni.

Further information and contact

For specific queries about contacting alumni, please email