Working with Advancement

LSE Advancement is committed to building mutually beneficial strong relations internally that support our work in strengthening LSE.

What is Advancement?

“Advancement is a strategic, integrated method of managing relationships to increase understanding and support among an educational institution's key constituents, including individual alumni and friends, and philanthropic entities of all types.”

Source: Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE)

Advancement at LSE

The primary core disciplines of educational advancement at LSE are alumni relations, fundraising, advancement communications, and operational systems. LSE’s Advancement professionals work on behalf of LSE to:

  • Engage alumni in the life of the institution as volunteers, advocates and supporters;
  • Secure private financial support from potential donors committed to the mission of LSE;
  • Communicate within and outside the institution with those who have a stake in the success of  alumni relations and fundraising.

The School’s Chair, Council, Director, School Management Committee (SMC), senior administration and academic staff are integral to LSE Advancement’s success and are vital in setting funding priorities and personally demonstrating to donors the impact of philanthropy.

Working together: LSE Advancement and Academic Departments

Your support and cooperation is integral to our capacity to deliver engaging alumni relations and compelling philanthropic proprositions, and in the process can enhance your work and strengthen the School as a whole.

LSE Advancement’s senior management would be delighted to meet with Department Heads and/or organise a presentation to departmental management groups to discuss how the School’s mission of alumni relations and fundraising can complement your plans and academic priorities.

Working together: LSE Advancement and Professional Services Divisions

Our work to engage alumni, friends, supporters and colleagues around the School benefits greatly from strong collaboration with colleagues in Professional Service Divisions across LSE.

Advancement's work relies on the expertise and support of the Directorate, Communications Division, Finance Division, Careers, Student Recruitment, Estates, Financial Services Office, the Secretary’s Division and the Risk and Compliance Unit. Similarly, we want to support your programmes wherever possible. Whether you require insight from an alumnus or alumna,  or are looking for statistics relating to an alumni group anywhere in the world, we can help.