Cloakroom New Academic Building

There is a cloakroom located on the Lower Ground Floor of the New Academic Building which can be booked via the Events Office for events with confirmed bookings in one of the theatres on the Lower Ground Floor in the NAB.

In order to use the cloakroom a minimum of 1 steward has to be booked through the Events Office to work in the cloakroom for the duration of the booking, access to the cloakroom is only possible when a steward is present. Stewards must be booked at least 2 weeks before the event, the cloakroom cannot be booked at short notice.

To book the cloakroom please email with the date and time of your booking. To book stewards please fill in the Steward Request Form.


  • There are at present 2 rails in the room with hangers. You must provide raffle tickets. 
  • There are lockers on one side of the room where bags and other items can be locked away, these are numbered
  • The system works by one raffle ticket being placed on each hanger or bag and the corresponding ticket given to the person leaving their belongings
  • Belongings not picked up by the end of the booking will be handed to LSE security at the NAB. The stewards working at the event are not responsible for the safe keeping of belongings that have been left behind in the cloakroom


  • Stewards will be charged to the department booking the cloakroom, please see the Steward Request Form for further information
  • 1 steward is the minimum for booking the cloakroom but please book another steward if you anticipate a busy event
  • The steward will be able to access the room by getting the key for the shutter from the LSE Events office. The key is only signed out to stewards and Events Office staff
  • The steward is responsible for the room being left in its standard set up at the end of the booking
  • Please ensure that the steward start time allows enough time for setting up the cloakroom (preparing the raffle tickets, rearranging furniture if required), depending on your event numbers we would recommend at least 30 minutes.

Tensor barriers

If you have a reception booked in for the communal area on the Lower Ground Floor the area could be heavily used. For this reason we would advise hiring Events Office stewards to set up tensor barriers for your receptions and control access to the closed off area. The tensor barriers are stored in the cloakroom and can only be accessed by stewards or Events Office staff. Therefore please book stewards via the Steward Request Form if you would like to use the barriers


Conditions of use

The conditions of use of this room are as follows:

  • No food or drink (other than bottled water) should be taken into the room.
  • No furniture from the room can be removed except by an Events Office steward (the furniture stored in there is for Events Office use only)
  • No extra furniture should be brought into the room
  • The room should be left in its standard set up
  • The key for the cloakroom will be held by the Events Office steward, who will lock the cloakroom at the end of their shift and return it to the LSE Events Office.

Please note that if anything which does not belong in the room is left there, the cleaners are under instruction to remove it and treat it as rubbish. The School takes no responsibility for any items which are disposed of.

If any furniture is found missing the user of the room will be charged for the replacement of that furniture. If any extra cleaning is required, this cost will be passed to the user.