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You can use the form below to request LSE Events Office stewards for your event.  Please ensure you submit your request at the earliest possible opportunity to give us the best chance of meeting your requirements.  Please note, we cannot guarantee we will meet your request - particularly during busy times or exam times (May/June). We are not able to process requests submitted at less than two weeks' notice.

Stewards are charged at £17 per hour as of 1 August 2023. The minimum charge when hiring stewards is 3 hours' work (i.e. £51). You will be charged for the full hire time booked for, so please ensure your start and finish times are accurate. 

In the event of having to cancel a steward request which has been confirmed by the Events Office please give as much notice as possible. If you cancel stewards later than 10am the working day (Mon- Fri) prior to your booking, you will be charged the minimum charge for each steward booked (3 hours, £51). 

If you reduce the hours of the shift later than 10am the working day (Mon - Fri) prior to the shift, you will be charged for the original hours you booked. If shift hours are reduced prior to this, you will be charged at the lower rate, however, you must copy us in on this email so we are aware of the change and can amend our records accordingly.

Please note that by requesting stewards for hire, we assume you have completed a full risk assessment and taken all measures to ensure our stewards are working in a COVID safe environment.

For further information, including Terms and Conditions, please see Stewards.

Steward hire request form

Steward hire request form

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