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Below are current opportunities for engagement with UK Parliament and the Government.

You can find our top ten tips for giving written and oral evidence to Select Committees here. General guidance from Parliament can be found here.

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Calls for evidence by topic:

Business, Energy and the Economy

Vaping Products Duty - Treasury Consultation

The Chancellor announced at the Spring Budget on 6 March a new vaping products duty, which will come into force from October 2026. The Treasury is therefore seeking views on how this duty should be designed and implemented, and how such a measure would discourage young people and non-smokers from vaping while maintaining the current financial incentive to choose vaping over smoking.

Deadline: 29 May

UK ISA - Treasury Consultation

Another measure announced at the Spring Budget was the introduction of a UK ISA: a £5,000 allowance, in addition to the current ISA allowance, for people to invest in the UK and support UK companies. This consultation is seeking views on how to design and implement the new ISA. 

Deadline: 6 June

Improving the Effectiveness of the Money Laundering Regulations - Treasury Consultation

The Treasury committed as part of the Economic Crime Plan 2023-26 to consult on changes to the Money Laundering Regulations (MRLs), which were passed in 2017 to require businesses to identify and prevent money laundering and terrorist financing. This consultation will consider how to make customer diligence more proportionate and effective, how to strengthen system co-ordination, and how to provide clarity on the scope of the MRLs.

Deadline: 9 June

Communities, Housing, Local Government and Transport

There are currently no open consultations or inquiries in this area. Please check back again later.

Technology, Culture, Media and Sport

Ofcom's Three-Year Media Literacy Strategy - Ofcom Consultation

Ofcom is seeking views on its media literacy strategy, to ensure that the general public can use, understand and create media and communications across services, and that they trust and value the media as a result.

Deadline: 24 June

Health and Social Care

NHS Constitution: 10 Year Review - DHSC Consultation

The NHS Constitution sets out the principles, values and rights underpinning the NHS - and the Department of Health and Social Care is seeking views on how it should be changed from its current version.

Deadline: 25 June

Children and Education

Faith School Designation Forms - DfE Consultation

The Department for Education is seeking views on its proposals to remove the 50% cap on faith admissions for faith schools, and to allow special academies to apply to be designated as having a religious character.

Deadline: 20 June

Home Affairs, Work and Pensions

Skills for the Future - Select Committee Inquiry

This inquiry into skills policy will focus in particular on apprenticeships and training, in the context of the skills the UK workforce will need in the future. Are UK policies and systems for apprenticeships and in-work training working? How should they be reformed? What are the responsibilities of government, employers, training providers and individuals in promoting the success of these types of training?

Deadline: 30 May

Low Pay Commission - 2024 Consultation

The Low Pay Commission (LPC) is seeking input to shape its recommendations to the Government on minimum wage rates which will apply from April 2025. 

Deadline: 7 June

Fit Note Reform - Call for Evidence

The Department for Work and Pensions and the Department of Health and Social Care are seeking evidence on how to reform the fit note process, as announced by the Chancellor at the autumn Budget in 2023. 

Deadline: 8 July

The Health and Disability Green Paper - DWP Consultation

The Department for Work and Pensions is seeking views on the Government's approach to modernising the welfare system for those with disabilities and health conditions. In particular, the consultation will be evaluating in depth the personal independence payment (PIP).

Deadline: 22 July

International and Defense

The Role of Human Rights in the UK Democratic Process - Select Committee Inquiry

The Joint Committee on Human Rights is conducting an inquiry into the relationship between human rights and democracy in the UK in the context of 2024 being the biggest election year in global history.

Deadline: 29 May

Legal and Constitution

Proposed Sentencing Guidelines for Immigration Offences - Sentencing Council Consultation

The Sentencing Council is consulting on the first ever sentencing guidelines for immigration offences after changes made by the Nationality and Borders Act 2022. The guidelines will be used by courts in England and Wales to sentence offenders convicted of immigration offences, including assisting unlawful immigration and knowingly entering the UK without leave. 

Deadline: 12 June

Accountability Within Public Bodies - Committee on Standards in Public Life Consultation

When things go wrong in public bodies, why does it take so long for problems to be recognised and leadership to respond? Where should public bodies focus their attention to maximise the likelihood of problems being uncovered and addressed before issues escalate? How can we make organisations better at holding themselves to account for the delivery of public services?

Deadline: 14 June

Sustainability, Net Zero and Environment

There are currently no open consultations or inquiries in this area. Please check back again later. 



Parliamentary Office for Science and Technology (POST) Notes

Information on the new POST notes, which are used in Parliament by MPs, the House Libraries and members of the Lords, can be found here along with links to other notes that POST are developing and plan to develop in the future. 

Parliament for Researchers: free online training sessions from UK Parliament

The UK Parliament's Knowledge Exchange Unit holds online training sessions on how to use research to engage with Parliament. Sessions are tailored both to different roles and career stages, and to the varied ways in which academics can engage with the policymaking process - for example, how to engage with Select Committees, and how to write for a parliamentary audience. You can watch previous sessions here