Receiving calls made to your phone extension

Follow these steps to forward calls to your mobile and access your desk phone remotely.

If you are in the office

  • Dial #9 followed by the number you wish to forward calls to. Lift the phone handset up to ‘dial’ the number.
  • This will immediately forward all calls from your desk phone to your mobile.
  • Dial ##9 to end call forwarding.

Please click this link for full instructions

If you are working remotely

  • Enable call forwarding remotely by visiting this web portal
  • Login with your email address (the initial and first letter of the last name should be capitalized e.g. and your Telephony password.
  • If you need to reset your password contact the IT Service Desk at or call 0207 107 5000.

Please note: standard users can only initiate call forwards on their personal number not a departmental or divisional number. Calls can only be forwarded to local, national or mobile numbers, international numbers are restricted by default. Call costs will be billed to the individual extension.

If your phone extension is part of 'Hunt group' (where one extension number rings multiple phones)

If your phone extension is part of a 'Hunt group' then use this method, called ‘softclient’ to forward your calls.

  • Using this method means calls to your extension will ‘ring’ your PC or laptop and you will speak and hear through the speakers and microphone connected to your device or via headphones.
  • To request the use of ‘softclient’ contact the IT Service Desk at or call 0207 107 5000.
  • The product we use as a softphone at LSE is called 'Unity Desktop' with our telephony system.

Access this guide to find out more about using ‘softclient’.

Once your phone has been configured, you will need to download one of the following files required to install the correct software. You may need admin permissions to do this so please contact the Service Desk.