Key Information for New Staff

DTS is here to help you connect, communicate and collaborate using IT at LSE.

Getting Help

Tech Support

The Tech Support is your first point of contact for technology issues, queries and if you need to request a new service.

How to contact us:

  • By phone: 020 7107 5000 | x5000                                                                                            Please be aware that due to the current situation, we are experiencing an increased demand for support. As such you may experience longer queue times when calling.
  • By portal:                                                                                                                                       Please be aware you will need to login to the portal using your LSE username (not Email address) and password to log an request. If you currently do not have access to your account, please send an email or call us for support.
  • By email:
  • In person: It has been suspended as we have no staff in campus; but we are available remotely, please get in touch by email or phone.

Online Guides & FAQs

For online Tech Support please visit our online guides and faqs section

Your Account

Your Tech Account

Conditions of Use

Please familiarise yourself with the Conditions of Use of IT Facilities at LSE as any breach of these conditions could result in the School taking disciplinary action against you.

Your LSE Password

If you have yet to be given your username/password please contact Tech Support (x5000). Please change your password and set your security questions the first time you log into your account. For tips on creating a strong password visit here.

Protect Your Account

Remember to protect your data and identity by locking your computer whenever your leave it by pressing the Windows key and L. For more tips on keeping safe online, please see the Cyber Security & Risk webpages. 

Personal File Space 
Every member of staff is allocated a quota of personal file space on the network called H: space. You may access your H: space on and off campus. For guidance on accessing and managing H: space, please see here.

OneDrive for Business (OD4B)

A complement to your H: Space provision, OD4B provides you with 1 terabyte of storage for files and documents. Learn more here

Connecting to LSE

WiFi at LSE

Our recommended WiFi network is eduroam which allows secure connectivity across LSE and many other institutions in the UK and abroad. To connect to eduroam, use your LSE email address and password. 


To access your LSE email from anywhere in the world use: and log in with your LSE username and password.

Remote Access

To access files and folders on the LSE network, on or off campus, please use the web browser based Remote Access service by logging in with your LSE username and password.

Anti-Virus Software

Free anti-virus software is available for personally-owned computers. For more information and to download, visit here.

Policies & Services

Key InfoSec Policies

There are a number of Information Security (InfoSec) policies and processes in place to help keep staff safe online. For example:

These documents are also critical for providing assurance to funders, regulators, auditors and governments that LSE takes seriously the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data placed in its care.

For more InfoSec policies, procedures, useful guidelines and documentation, see here.

Our Services 

For an A - Z of the services DTS provides, please see here. 

Core services include:

Free Software & Discounts

Free Microsoft Office & Antivirus Software 

You are eligible for free copies of Microsoft Office software on 5 desktop (PCs or Macs) and 5 mobile devices, as well as free antivirus software (for personal devices) from Sophos. 

To learn more, see here

Educational Discounts 

For details of the educational technology discounts available to you, please visit this page


Other: Working Remotely

Setting up Microsoft Teams 

Remote Access

Get started on OneDrive

Staying safe remotely: for staff

Managing your bandwidth

Recommended Audio Visual devices