Recommended Audio Visual devices

What webcam and headset should I use for Teams or Zoom?

Not sure what headset and webcam you should purchase to work effectively at home? Check out our tips on what you should be looking for in these products. 


  • We recommend that you don’t spend more than £50 on a headset and there are lots of good options between £25-£45.
  • You can purchase different types headsets, some sit on one ear only, mono or stereo which sit on both ears.
  • Use a headset that has a USB wired connection. If your device doesn’t have a standard USB input also consider a USB-C converter.
  • Avoid domestic headphones if you can, try to buy a ‘UC’ or ‘Unified Comms’ device.
  • We’d also advise steering clear of wireless headsets, good sets start at £140.
  • Be sure to check the specifications for ‘Acoustic Echo Cancellation’ and ‘Noise Cancelling mic’ as they will block out echo and background noise, improving the sound quality.
  • If you do use standard headphones that come with your phone, don’t forget to mute them when not speaking on a call so they don’t pick up any background noise.
  • We recommend you try the following brands: Logitech, Plantronics and Jabra.

Personal Web-Cam

  • Before purchase check they are compatible with your operating system (Windows 7, Windows 10, Mac Os X etc.)
  • Resolution: look for a specification of 720p, 1080p or 4k
  • We recommend you try the following brands: Logitech and Microsoft. 


Speakerphones for multiple people

  • Try the Jabra 510 for meetings of up to ten people.
  • If you have a full meeting room, contact the Service Desk for assistance.
  • The current standard for big meetings is a specialist all-in-one camera, microphone and speaker with a mounted display screen.