Phishing Alert

Your data is valuable, please forward suspicious messages to

As you may be aware, LSE email accounts are currently being targeted by a sustained phishing attempt. 

We have mechanisms in place to prevent messages from coming through, but unfortunately some compromised emails may still reach you.

It is therefore important that you remain vigilant and critical of the emails you receive.

With this particular incident, you might receive an email that appears to be from a legitimate LSE mail account, has your name in the subject line (or a topic you have recently sent an email about) and a message / link with the words “View entire message”:

green button phishing example

If you have clicked on the link from any of these types of messages, please change your password immediately.

If you are unsure whether any emails you have received are genuine or not, please forward these to and we will check them for you. 

If you are worried your account has been compromised (e.g. you clicked on a suspicious link and now can't log into your account) please contact the DTS Service Desk:

For more advice on staying safe and secure online, please visit our Information Security webpages.