Webinar demystifying positive action!

Want to know more about how positive action is framed within the Equality Act 2010?

Hear from Professor Chantal Davies on:

- Tools to address disadvantage and under representation
- Eradicating indirect and direct discrimination
- Purposefully inclusive practices, including positive action, outreach, and encouragement
- Promoting equality of opportunity and/or outcomes

Watch the webinar (1h30)

This webinar, ‘What is it and how to use it robustly and effectively!’ by Professor Chantal Davies (Professor of Law, Equality and Diversity and Director of Forum for Research into Equality and Diversity, University of Chester) aims to improve employee understanding of positive action. It explains why positive action measures can help to address some of the disadvantages faced by different groups of people.

LSE’s Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) team will be releasing a series of webinars to help us advance the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion agenda at LSE. As part of our commitment under the Race Equity Framework (in the ‘Our People’ strand) we would like to support the community to engage with race equity and effective allyship by understanding ‘purposefully inclusive practices’.

The webinar is part of a continuous journey of learning more about different types of initiatives and frameworks to help address issues around under representation, promotion and equality of opportunity.

The webinar is just over 60 minutes, please take time to learn and understand this important concept within the Equality Act 2010.